Amy Winehouse's Toxicology Report Shows No Illegal Drugs

​Just days after brilliant and troubled singer Amy Winehouse tragically joined the Dead at 27 Club on July 23, Fox News reported, "Amy Winehouse spent the last week of her short and troubled life in an alcoholic, drug-fueled fog." Then, classy as always, called her a train wreck.

Well, Fox, unsurprisingly, you were wrong again. The toxicology report came in and demonstrated that Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her system at the time of her death, only alcohol. According to the Washington Post, her father said that though she struggled to control her drinking problem after weeks of sobriety, she was off drugs for three years prior to her passing.

Winehouse was a heartbreaking character who became more famous for her drug addiction, eating disorders, and nutso, creepy relationship with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil than for her immense talent and international hit album Back to Black.

Whether or not she was "on" anything at the time of her death, poor Winehouse was in bad shape for awhile. From smoking crack and cigs, she had developed emphysema at the unreasonably young age of 24. British tabloids were reporting that she had been engaged to ex-boyfriend and director Reg Traviss just days before her death, but also that they had broken up just days earlier.

Though the report were inconclusive on how Winehouse died, we know one thing: She's definitely gone on to the big recording studio in the sky many years sooner than anyone had hoped.

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