All Rise

Uber remixologist Judge Jules mixes hard -- house, dance, trance -- putting his own spin on tunes from Paul Oakenfold to Beat Pusher in his latest triad release, Tried and Tested. Known as the People's DJ, Judge is a host on BBC's high-profile Radio One show, where he was responsible for the air drop debut of house music onto mainstream radio waves. The Brit mixmaster began spinning in 1987, on the cusp of the U.K.'s burgeoning acid house years that he came to pioneer, when he started DJing for the pirate-turned-legal radio station Kiss FM.

Tried and Tested touts groundbreaking tunes from a segment of his radio show that bears the same name. After testing a spate of new songs on his listeners each week, the most well-received track is branded as the show's Tried and Tested. The CD's Main Mix includes a track by Hi-Gate, a group that Judge Jules formed with Paul "Yomanda" Masterson and vocalist Jina and which is anticipating a full-length release. The North London-raised bloke kicks off a handful of American dates at Miami's Space, his second time at the downtown venue. So think globally but dance locally -- and be one of the lucky Yanks to catch the first of only four U.S. shows by the international DJ icon.

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Leah Gliniewicz