Natalia Molina

Tutto Pasta

Natalia Molina
Even with competition high, Tutto is one of the town's top pie maestros. The crust is made in a brick oven, as all proper pizzas in Italy are made, and tastes like it: thin, crisp but still foldable, and as chewy and delectably flavorful as honest homemade bread; you'll want to eat even the bare crust. As for toppings, some pies suffer from ingredient overkill, but others are terrific, such as the simple yet perfect Caprese, topped with milky-rich, slightly tangy buffalo mozzarella, lots of fresh basil, and genuinely ripe fresh tomatoes. Despite its regular cow's-milk mozzarella, pizza al prosciutto is also outstanding, thanks to tomato sauce with some kick and to enough fresh arugula on top to make a side salad.

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