Photo by Laine Doss

Sidecar Speakeasy

You're not likely to find the Sidecar Speakeasy by walking along downtown Hollywood's Harrison Street. There's no sign, and no indication of a bar next door to the restaurant on the corner, Hotsy-Totsy Bar & Grill. The only hint is a keypad next to some blacked-out windows. Yes, you'll need a secret code to get into Sidecar (which you can learn by following the bar on social media). Once inside, you'll find a cozy bar illuminated by candlelight. Your bartenders, dressed in what might be termed "Florida-Steampunk," make classic Prohibition classics like the Mary Pickford, the Aviation, and the Sazerac. In a town filled with dive bars and hookah lounges, Sidecar is a welcome place to play dress-up and procure a properly made cocktail.

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