PM Fish & Steak House

There are steak houses, there are Argentine steak houses, and there is the PM-style steak house, which is a hybrid of the two. Diners are privy to provoleta and empanadas, but they can also opt for salmon tartare or smoked marlin carpaccio. Ceviche and tirados are on the menu, and so is a tuna-watercress salad with soy vinaigrette. There are steaks and Wagyu steaks, but no churrasco or entrada. The staff and most of the clientele speak both Spanish and English, making PM Buenos Aires Fish & Steak House very bicultural and thus very Miami. It is arguably the most beautiful-looking steak house in town (the build-out is rumored to have cost upward of $2 million), and high prices reflect the splendor. Grilled steaks are prime-quality and tasty, the seafood offerings are fresh and sensibly garnished, and the service is solid enough — but there is so much waiting around that sometimes it feels as though you won't get out of PM until the a.m.

Restaurant Details