Photo by Andrew Meade/Courtesy of MC Kitchen

MC Kitchen

Photo by Laine Doss
MC Kitchen is doing something more honest and genuine than that of other eateries with similar cuisine. In the roasted octopus dish, a large Spanish mollusk is quick-roasted in the Wood Stone-brand oven and then dressed copiously with Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil, fresh red pepper, and garlic. The tentacles are charred quickly, producing an aroma of smoke so potent its flavors resemble meat more than seafood. Pastas include fiocchi — purses of fresh pasta stuffed with fragrant roasted pear — which are laced with a white truffle cream as well as an ivory pool of melted cheeses. Drink options succeed with beer-based cocktails, in addition to a varied wine selection and a well-curated craft beer menu, including a focus on the Delaware-based brewery Dogfish Head.

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