Courtesy of Mango's Tropical Cafe

Mango's Tropical Cafe

Courtesy of Mango's Tropical Cafe
Anyone who's visited South Beach has at the very least walked past Mango's Tropical Cafe, famed for its exotic tropical atmosphere and lively dance shows that feature Cuban conga, Brazilian samba, and other Latin styles. Mango's, though, is even more famous for its supersized, tropical-themed cocktails. Served in souvenir glasses, most are offered in 15-, 32-, and 45-ounce portions. Along with riffs on mojitos and daiquiris, Mango's bartenders have created a number of specialty cocktails since opening in 1981. One recent addition, the "Bomb-Ba" martini, combines raspberry vodka, watermelon liqueur, sweet lemon juice, grenadine, and lemon soda, topped off with a smoke-filled fog bubble for a theatrical presentation that lets you know the vacation (or staycation) is underway.

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