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La Fresa Francesa

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Beyond its croquetas and fritas, Hialeah isn't much lauded for culinary excellence. For that reason alone, you might not expect to see La Fresa Francesa here. You could almost hear the collective gasp when La Fresa Francesa opened near a canal that slices diagonally along the city's southern edge. But Sandy Sanchez and Benoit Rabiat, the couple behind the restaurant, say the opportunity to set up shop in Hialeah was too good to pass up. Inside, washed-out farm chairs seem to dance around doily-lined bistro tables to the intoxicating French crooning often reserved for tourists in Montmartre. The menu offers classics like steak frites, croque madame, and roasted quail. On Saturday and Sunday, a brunch menu features creations like soft-baked eggs with truffle butter and cheese and bananas flambé French toast on medianoche bread. Vive la Hialeah!