Courtesy of Kuro


Step inside Kuro, the crown jewel of Hard Rock's restaurants, and you'll think you've been transported to a swanky spot in L.A. It's tough to choose just one dish to highlight. Main courses are separated into land and sea. There are variations of both (sushi, nigiri), but the undeniable headliner of the show is the Wagyu beef, which diners can either cook themselves on a hot stone tableside or have charcoal-grilled in the kitchen. Kuro's rib-eye miso could also be considered a costar. The dish comes covered in succulent pine-nut miso and shiso dressing with a side of perfectly grilled asparagus. Kuro not only is the best restaurant in Hollywood but also offers the best experience. It's a show wrapped up in a meal that's inside the greatest casino this side of the Mississippi.

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