Photo courtesy of Islas Canarias

Islas Canarias Cafe Restaurant & Bakery

Head to this beloved Cuban joint out west the next time you’re hungover or hungry and in need of caffeine. There are few better cures for either than Cuban coffee and hot croquetas. Opened in 1977 by Raul and Amelia Garcia, Islas Canarias has earned its spot as one of the best cafecitas — those adorable Cuban coffee shop/bakeries — in Miami-Dade County. That’s mostly thanks to the restaurant’s reputation for affordable croquetas and perfect, piping-hot cafecito. People crave the kitchen’s made-to-order beef or chicken empanadas, medianoche sandwiches, pan con bistec, and those famous ham croquetas. New Normal: Islas Canarias has a drive-thru if you’d rather pick up your cafecito-and-croquetas fix to enjoy elsewhere.