Photo by Christina Mendenhall

Funky Buddha Brewery

Photo by Christina Mendenhall
When it arrived on the scene in 2010, Funky Buddha Brewery was among the first Florida breweries to introduce food-infused beers to the suds-guzzling masses. And not just any food — an entire library of pop-culture fare. Fan favorites include a range of inspiration, from desserts and sandwiches to cocktails and spirits — even an agave-based hard seltzer — all riffed as part of Funky's ever-expanding and seasonally rotating repertoire. That means key-lime, sweet-potato-casserole, and peanut-butter-and-jelly ales, and porters infused with maple, bacon, and coffee. The production brewery and taproom in Oakland Park also houses the Craft Food Counter & Kitchen, whose fast-casual menu is the edible equivalent of the beer lineup.

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