Fiorito | Little Haiti/Liberty City | Argentine | Restaurant
Photo by Michelle Muslera


An Argentine-inspired gem awaits in Little Haiti, identifiable by an unmistakable welcome sign: the towering mural of soccer icon (and newly minted South Floridian) Lionel Messi above the entrance. Soccer is a major theme here — the name itself is a homage to Argentine legend Diego Maradona's city of birth. It's a relaxed and inviting space that creates an easygoing atmosphere perfect for families and locals looking to unwind. The heart of the menu is the meat: USDA prime beef cooked to perfection on the grill. The vacio (flank steak) and churrasco (skirt steak) are standout options, but don't ignore the juicy empanadas and hearty pasta dishes. Homemade desserts like flan and crepes offer a sweet ending. Whether you're a diehard soccer fan or simply in search of great food and community vibes, Fiorito brings Argentina's lively spirit to Miami's dining scene.

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