Christy's Restaurant

The decor is best described as "clubby," a place where powerful men feel at home, and women feel as though they're in a club for powerful men. Though the motto is "Famous for prime steaks and fresh seafood," most guests seem to order the steaks. Can't blame them, because the beef is prime, Midwestern, corn-fed, and dry-aged — in other words, rich, flavorful, and tender. Offerings include New York strip, prime rib, porterhouse, and filet mignon. The same is true of the baked Alaska dessert and, in fact, much of Christy's cuisine. Every entrée is preceded by a generous plate of one of the most celebrated caesar salads in town (yet some will find it too potently cheesy) and accompanied with a baked potato and vegetables. Christy's isn't cheap, but it gives a lot of good food for the money, and service is excellent.

Restaurant Details