Bali Cafe

Bali Cafe in downtown Miami fulfills the requirements for a fantastic hole-in-the-wall eatery. This Indonesian restaurant is small; it seats only 30. And it accepts only cash. But it's one of the most affordable spots in the business district. You could order sushi or stick to South Seas classics such as gado gado -- a medley of steamed vegetables, potatoes, and tofu. Or you could try the rijsttafel a delicious six-course meal. The feast includes crackers called emping, tender chunks of coriander-spiced beef rendang, and por ayam -- chicken legs braised slowly in rich coconut milk. The restaurant's greatest feat is its sambal goreng teri kacang, a flavor bomb of peanuts, anchovies, and chili sauce. Sure, you might find a tiny fish head or two in there. But nothing tastes better than eating salty fish with spice at downtown's best hidden gem.Read our full review.