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In business since 1979, Shoe Gallery is a true Miami classic, but it's not the kind of store that rests on its laurels. The inventory here is always forward-thinking, and the store's reputation means they often carry super-limited-edition kicks that you can't find anywhere else in the state — and sometimes the world. Looking for the latest special-edition LeBrons? Got 'em. Want high-fashion collaborations like Missoni for Converse or Jeremy Scott for Adidas? Got 'em. On the hunt for $50 kick-arounds? Got those too. There's a reason Shoe Gallery is the first stop in the 305 for sneaker freaks (even of the celebrity variety). It's because there are few places in the world that keep their sneaker game so on point.

Alexandra Rincon

We 20-somethings are really busy sticking it to The Man. We don't need no offices or 9-to-5 slave gigs. We're just fine selling our handmade wares on Etsy and blogging our way to the top. But slouching in front of a computer in bed all day is no way to live. Starbucks is famous for its Wi-Fi, but it's too played-out, crowded, and corporate. So where does a web entrepreneur go to get some work done while maintaining authenticity? There are plenty of cute coffee shops, bars, and sandwicheries around the city to get your blog on, but why pick one when you can have all three? Lester's is the perfect place to post up on your laptop with some premium coffee, craft beer, or wine. Plus the place boasts a solid menu of wraps, sandwiches, and snacks to hold you over while you toil. The prices are reasonable — a shot of espresso is $1.75, and a delicious cappuccino is $4. If you're in a boozin' mood, there's also local beer such as Monk in the Trunk and Jai Alai for $6. Need a distraction? There's foosball, darts, and an array of awesome niche magazines to flip through. The atmosphere is laid-back with a fun sense of humor. (One wall is dedicated to awesome mustache pictures. If you bring in that hysterical photo of your dad from the '70s, the friendly staff would be happy to add it.) When you're finally done staring at Facebook — um, working — you can walk across the street to Wynwood Walls and enjoy works from some of the best street artists in the world. Now that's what this generation is talking about.

The Duncanson family grows and then hand-cuts its own nongenetically modified, 100 percent organic-certified wheatgrass, sunflower greens, pea shoots, mung beans, chickpeas, legumes, barley grass, microgreens, and much more — all using an organic soil mix and desalinated sea water. They have been farming wheatgrass in Miami since 1989, and you can find their products at just about any spot in town that cares about real organic food (including Whole Foods and Athens Juice Bar in Miami Beach and the Juicery in Brickell Key). Even better, visitors are more than welcome at the immaculately clean indoor garden where the Duncansons grow their high-grade grasses. They'll probably offer you a free shot of wheatgrass to try, and then you can buy a pound for $14, juice it yourself, and become one with the Green Revolution.

Wanna scare the rabbit shit out of your leporiphobic nieces and nephews by dressing up like a six-foot-tall talking bunny named Sam who chuckles incessantly, screams for fun, and eats little kids instead of carrots? Go see the dress-up experts at Dixon Costumes, an enormous emporium of outlandish ensembles that's been in the business of renting full-body fur suits ($125) and vintage papier-mâché rodent heads ($60) to plush fetishists, Easter celebrants, and creepy uncles since 1926. Maybe, though, your sibling's children think bunnies are adorable and cuddly. In which case they might suffer from crippling coulrophobia, living in fear of pasty-faced psycho clowns named Checkers who smoke secondhand stogies, cough blood, and kill indiscriminately with a comically oversize pair of scissors. Well, Dixon still has you covered. Just pick up a red wig ($7.50), a pair of comically oversize plastic shoes ($16), a grotesquely bulbous nose ($1.50), some pancake makeup ($5), semirealistic gore ($1.50), a so-called Big Shot Cigar ($1.50), and a bag of faux murder tools. Now all you gotta do is get dressed, perfect your homicidal giggle, hide under the kiddies' bed, and wait.

Best Of Miami®

Best Of Miami®