Shopping & Services

  • Best Podiatrist

    Gary Curson

    At the risk of foiling any romantic chemistry between us, dear reader, for the purposes of this item we must describe our body. We are approximately 50 pounds overweight and have flat, wide feet. Imagine if a duck mated with Alfred Hitchcock. Now imagine that auteur paddling bird tried his hand (wing?) at basketball one afternoon and badly turned his… More >>
  • Best Library

    Miami-Dade Main Library

    Miami has a love/hate relationship with literature. Our beaches are littered with tourists' cast off pulp paperbacks. Our local luminaries are crime reporters cum authors. But that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the written word as much as your average American does. Just check out our libraries. Many of them are packed. And when Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez shut down… More >>
  • Best Airport Transportation

    The Airport Flyer (Route 150)

    Ever visit a city where the public transportation actually works? Like Minneapolis, where people take the light rail from the airport? It feels like you've escaped from the hinterlands into the Capital. (Yes, that's a Hunger Games reference.) Miami will probably never have good public transportation, what with our perpetually inept and greasy-palmed collective of politicians. But depending upon your… More >>
  • Best Parking, South Beach

    1111 Lincoln

    Best is such a subjective word, especially when it comes to parking. The obvious answer is whatever is cheapest and closest, but no one wants to hear your stories of parking glory. "Oh, you found a metered spot right in front of the restaurant? Great, good for you. Guess what? I just parked in what is quite literally the most… More >>
  • Best Kids' Birthday Place


    Johnny Jr. wanted to go to that chain place for his birthday. You know, that one with the beetle mascot, or is it a pigeon? What, it's a rat, isn't it? After eating ten slices of greasy pizza, however, his stomach protested. Sadly, with his eyes crossed after four hours of playing videogames, he couldn't quite find the restroom. It… More >>
  • Best Charity

    Humane Society of Greater Miami Adopt-a-Pet

    Miami is the home of palm trees and gorgeous hotels, but it's also a place where thousands of cats and dogs wander the streets homeless or abandoned by owners who move back North. Most of these animals have pretty lousy endings — winding up hit by cars on I-95, starving, or falling ill. The lucky ones, however, make it to… More >>
  • Best Hotel

    Canyon Ranch

    Life ain't always a picnic in one of the world's most beautiful cities: road rage on the Palmetto, that endless parking-spot search on South Beach, the eternal quest to stay thin amid a lifestyle of constant partying. Sooner or later you realize you need to slow down, chica! It's time for a staycation at one of the most luxurious spa… More >>
  • Best Public Restrooms

    Miami-Dade Main Library

    Let's face it. Sometimes you gotta take a book, newspaper, or magazine with you when it's time to use the toilet. When that need arises during a trip to downtown Miami, the main library is ready to accommodate you. Step through the front sliding glass doors, and stroll to the periodicals or the fiction and nonfiction book section on the… More >>
  • Best Public Works Project

    Miami Intermodal Center

    Near Miami International Airport, the Florida Department of Transportation is entering the final stage of the agency's most ambitious project in Miami-Dade County. Known as the Miami Intermodal Center, or MIC, the facility will make connections to public transit much smoother from one of the busiest airports in the nation. Construction on the Miami Central Station, the center of the… More >>
  • Best Record Store

    Yesterday and Today Records

    CDs are dead, cassette tapes are belt buckles, and eight-tracks are a cultural relic good only for dating period movies about the '80s. Yet somehow the grooved-vinyl predecessor to them all lives on in the hearts of music enthusiasts young and old. Vinyl records are a physical link between our present and past, and no one in Miami understands that… More >>
  • Best Recording Studio

    Critical Recording Studios

    Punk rock veteran Chris Critic started Critical Recording Studios five years ago to promote affordable recording for Miami bands. His motto has always been "By musicians, for musicians." The live drum tracking booth and microphone placement prove he knows what a drummer is looking for in a recording environment. The studio has recently expanded with departments dedicated to hip-hop, R&B,… More >>
  • Best Music Lessons

    Alex and Sylvia Constantinidis

    Alex Constantinidis was born to teach guitar. His parents were top concert pianists and teachers in Ohio. They began his training in intensive classical and jazz piano theory at a young age. He attended Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music, graduated from the University of Miami School of Music, and has been teaching guitar and keyboard lessons in Miami since… More >>
  • Best Wine Store

    Happy Wine in the Grove

    There are more than a thousand bottles on the shelves of Happy Wine in the Grove, the second store in the Happy Wine empire. (There's also a location in West Miami: 5792 SW Eighth St., 305-262-2465.) It's billed as a tapas restaurant with a menu covering all the basics, from tortilla española to chorizo soaked in vino, but the real… More >>
  • Best Mall

    Aventura Mall

    Quiz time! Which came first: Aventura Mall or the City of Aventura? If you answered the latter, you'd be wrong. The mall opened its doors in 1983, while the city wasn't incorporated until 12 years later. That's right: This is a shopping center so massive they literally built a city around it. In the late '90s, Aventura Mall really came… More >>
  • Best Bridal Shop

    Leggenda Bridal Boutique

    The employees at Leggenda Bridal Boutique are superbly accommodating, even if they won't let sweaty male New Times correspondents try on the dresses. Owner Sandra Zacharias has been in the wedding business for more than 20 years. Her boutique began as a bridal accessories shop before expanding into the Miracle Mile institution it is today. She now runs the store… More >>
  • Best Thrift Store

    St. John's Parish Thrift Shop

    Hello? Yeah, stupid, it's me. You are never going to believe this. Me and Jose went to Cracker Barrel, you know, the one in Florida City? Yeah, right, well, we got lost on the way there. Whatever. You know how the addresses in Homestead don't make sense, and we were stoned as balls anyway. Well, we found this awesome thrift… More >>
  • Best Antiques


    When you finally grow up, it's time to tear down your silly "room accents" from Target and invest in some pieces worthy of a page in Coastal Living magazine. Actually, that's just one of the many publications that have showcased some of the unfailingly tasteful finds for which people from all over the world flock to Stripe. The front room… More >>
  • Best Used Furniture

    North Miami's strip of antique shops

    This strip of shops near Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami is one of those I-can't-believe-it treasures that's nestled in a surprising spot. North Miami is better known for its corruption-entangled mayor than for its great shopping, but this strip brings a touch of affordable class and homey history that deserves a nod and a visit from anyone considering purchasing a… More >>
  • Best Furniture Store

    Home Design Store

    Despite the Magic City's carnival mesh of cultures, many furniture shops here are more vanilla than Topeka. After your eyes glaze over from a slog through the big-box furniture stores, all the dressers and cabinets look the same. Here's the antidote: Home Design Store. The family-run business culls pieces from several countries, such as India, China, and Indonesia, and aims… More >>
  • Best Glassblower

    Matthew Miller

    Matthew Miller has been blowing glass since he was 15 years old. He started as a shop rat at the University of Miami's Art After Dark program and then apprenticed with the best of the South Florida "art glass" community. He's the right-hand man of sometimes Miami-based Rob Stern of the world-renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle. In 2005, Miller… More >>
  • Best Dry Cleaner

    Kim's Valet Cleaners

    It's not often you see your dry cleaner at the opera and she gives you a kiss and a hug. But Kim Coe is not your average dry cleaner. She is a stain-removing savant. And although she's not the cheapest in town, she's worth every penny. Her small store on Biscayne Boulevard handles dry cleaning for several South Beach hotels… More >>
  • Best Laundromat

    Coral Way Lavanderia

    While nearby Mary's Coin Laundry and Deli lures students, foodies, and night owls with café con leche, Cubanos, and other culinary perks at its 24-hour lunch counter, the recently renovated Coral Way Lavenderia has made family its focus. The launderette's newly repainted walls are adorned with cute paintings by local kids, while arcade games and multiple TV sets keep the… More >>
  • Best Swimwear Shop

    Onda de Mar

    Every girl needs a great swimmy. It's imperative to the very nature of our femininity. Onda de Mar has our backs every time we stop in. To start, the bathing suits are beautiful and simple. The selection is high-end designer wear (ladies' suits mostly range from $180 to $200), but the store frequently has awesome sales of 50 percent off.… More >>
  • Best Psychic

    Sandra Cheryl Richardson

    Skeptical or not, it's human nature to want to know what the future holds. But the average psychic always says you'll be going on a trip very soon or that the man of your dreams is just a failed relationship away. The more cunning ones will say you need to fork over more cash to get rid of some supposed… More >>
  • Best Body Piercing

    New Age Body Piercing

    Ever wanted something pierced? Ever wanted something naughty pierced? We know we're not alone, and so does New Age Body Piercing in the Grove. For 11 years at their Grand Avenue location, artists have been piercing every body part from head to toe. With the cleanliness of the facility, friendliness and professionalism of the staff, and affordable prices, you'll never… More >>
  • Best Tattoo Shop

    Salvation Tattoo

    Getting new ink is comparable to experiencing a major life event. You're essentially branding yourself with something you won't mind seeing forever. You might have a few stamps already — whether you got them in a drunken stupor one night in college or after having an epiphany, words, shapes, and pictures are all fair game in the tango between ink… More >>
  • Best Flea Market

    Flea Market USA

    It's Saturday morning. Grab your boo. Jump in the whip. And go get a fade, a weave, a brand-new nail job, and matching two-for-one tattoos at Flea Market USA. Tucked behind a ten-foot-tall chainlink fence, flying a bunch of tattered American flags, and painted faded shades of red, white, and blue, this enormous Liberty City shopping spot and ersatz community… More >>
  • Best Lingerie Shop

    Oh la la Cheri

    Gentlemen, please listen up. When it comes to buying your favorite lady revealing bedroom attire, do yourself a favor and skip the hoochie stores you might find adjacent to I-95 or the Palmetto Expressway. Show her you appreciate her lovely figure with the most refined undergarments this side of Paris. Headquartered in downtown Miami, Oh là là Chéri adds a… More >>
  • Best Action Figure Store

    Man of Action Figures

    After operating for the past few years as a family-owned online store, Man of Action Figures decided to buck the e-commerce trend by opening a brick-and-mortar outpost in Cutler Bay. Even if you haven't played with an action figure since your mother sold your Boba Fett at a yard sale (dammit, Mom!), this place is bound to make the kid… More >>
  • Best Hobby Shop

    Hobby Pro Inc.

    Truly old-school Miamians who loved playing with remote control model toys back in the day probably remember a spot in Allapattah they could always count on. Tucked inside an old bowling alley on NW 36th Street at Ninth Avenue, Orange Blossom Hobbies was packed with people buying the latest RC cars, trucks, planes, and boats. Michael Jones remembers it too.… More >>
  • Best Reggae Shop

    Reggae Land Muzik

    Tucked behind an IHOP on Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Reggae Land Muzik isn't so much a record shop as it is a reggae museum. Meticulously organized crates of hard-to-find vinyl give way to stacks of epic dancehall mix CDs and carefully catalogued cassette tapes. Whether you're looking to venture beyond Bob Marley for the first time or you're an avid collector… More >>
  • Best Botanica

    Botanica Nena

    For all of your religious and otherworldly needs, Botanica Nena is the place to be. Open for more than 42 years, this devotional botanica is a one-stop shop for pretty much anything you might need for practicing the art of Yoruba. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly, and there's a vast inventory ranging from candles to religious artifacts to jewelry.… More >>
  • Best Gay Bookstore

    Lambda Passages

    Inside just about any gay bookstore, you'll find a little porn. OK, maybe more than a little porn. Maybe a decent selection of porn. Fine, a lot of porn. Tons and tons of porn. Lambda Passages has got your porn; in fact, half the store is dedicated to video rental. But y'know what else it's got? Cookbooks. In its used-books… More >>
  • Best Bookstore

    Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale

    Never let it be said that Miami is not a trendsetter. Well before pop-up restaurants and pop-up bars exploded in popularity, Miami began hosting a pop-up of its own: the Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale, which has been springing up during the holiday shopping rush for the past 11 years. For most of the year, the downtown branch… More >>
  • Best Dive Shop

    Grove Scuba

    We don't know about you, but we take our personal safety rather seriously. We wear a helmet when we Segway to work in the morning, swaddle our children in cheesecloth and bubble wrap — holes for eyes, nose, and mouth, of course — and are terrified by revolving doors. So when it comes to exploring the mysterious, gaping maw of… More >>
  • Best Skateboard Shop

    Team Iguana Sports

    It's hard to pin down this joint's business model, where everything is painted garishly and music — often gangsta rap — blasts loudly enough to be heard down the block. It's as if the unique and wonderful brain of its proprietor, Ron Cater, exploded in store form. He sells skateboards and parts, including ornate and hypercolored models from skate companies… More >>
  • Best Surf Shop

    Island Water Sports

    Surfers are pretty loyal to their gear shops. They also like to keep those places a secret from kooks like you. So if you're a noob to hitting the glassy breaks of Miami's beaches, you'll want to find a place that appeals to your inner Johnny Utah no matter your skill level. Island Water Sports has been a South Florida… More >>
  • Best Men's Clothing Store

    Duncan Quinn - CLOSED

    Attention, Magic City men: It's time to stop wearing ill-fitting suits. Your crotch should not get lost in a sea of fabric, but it also shouldn't be so tight that we can tell if you're circumcised. No, gentlemen, it's time to slap down some cash for a suit that every man should have in his closet — a real man's… More >>
  • Best Bike Shop

    GM Bikes

    The northwest section of Miami-Dade County, bounded by the Palmetto Expressway, Florida's Turnpike, and Interstate 75, is an urban cyclist's paradise. From Palm Springs North to Doral, you can cover 20-plus miles of rugged terrain that takes you through a suburban utopia, a concrete jungle of industrial warehouses, and patches of sensitive wetlands overflowing with melaleuca and palm trees. The… More >>
  • Best Scooter Sales

    Astro Scooters

    We have a rule when choosing where to shop: If we can buy a product from an Eastern European man named Walter, that's where we go. We buy our loaves of bread from a Slovenian baker named Walter. Our pirated channels come from a Ukrainian cable guy named Walter. See the tile in our kitchen? The guy who laid it… More >>
  • Best Limo Service

    Ocean Drive Limo

    Got a quinceañera coming up? Junior's senior prom is just around the corner? Or perhaps you're forming a posse to celebrate your last night in single's land? Best let Ocean Drive Limo get you to the banquet hall or strip club in one piece while you get your crunk on. Since 1995, company CEO Richard Bennetti has been piloting limousines… More >>
  • Best Auto Dealership

    The Collection

    Stressful credit checks, pushy salesmen — buying a car ain't fun. Unless you're flush enough to make your purchases at the Collection, that is. Located in a gorgeous Spanish Revival building on the corner of Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Bird Road, this Merrick Park institution has been supplying South Florida's exotic-car market with some much-needed class for 30 years.… More >>
  • Best Used Car Dealer

    Latin Motors

    Tired of the two-hour ride on the Metrobus from your house in Hialeah Gardens to your job in downtown Miami? Well, if you have a credit score that terrifies financing companies, consider visiting the used car sales staff at Latin Motors in Allapattah. You won't have to worry about any Don Ready clones who live by the credo "Live Hard,… More >>
  • Best Gas Station


    From bustling Biscayne Boulevard, it looks like a regular gas station and car wash. But saunter inside and — boom — this Chevron station slaps you in the face with sleek, immaculate luxury. Flat-screen TV sets everywhere. Fresh pastries behind glass. A gaudy espresso machine, complete with real ceramic miniature cups. A lounge with comfortable seating and armchairs covered in… More >>
  • Best Mechanic

    J & M Auto Doctors

    Don't you hate those shady mechanics who don't give a crap about you, let alone your '97 Honda Accord? How about the grease monkeys who sell you things you don't need, like seat-belt insurance and door-handle user guides? Well, at J & M Auto Doctors, they care for not only your car but also your safety. The best antidote to… More >>
  • Best Car Wash

    Executive Car Care

    Whether you drive a '94 Saturn with a sagging roof or a luxury Italian speedster with leather detailing, at Executive Car Care, every vehicle is treated like a Ferrari. The shop is nothing more than a tent in the middle of a parking lot next to a Burger King, but don't judge a book by its cover. There are several… More >>
  • Best Car Detailing

    Just Right Car Wash

    Living on South Beach means fearing the fickle wrath of the flash-flood gods. Take a walk around the neighborhood after a heavy rain and you'll find half a dozen people furiously bailing out their cars and cursing at the heavens. Assuming your vehicle starts, the best bet to salvage your ride is to take it across the causeway to Just… More >>
  • Best Veterinarian

    Coconut Grove Animal Clinic

    Owning a dog or cat is a joy. That little bundle of fur just oozes unconditional love and devotion. But it's not all fun and games. Pets, unlike that carnival monkey you won by spraying water into a clown's mouth, need shots and medication. And, like humans, they get sick. So what do you do when Fido is filled with… More >>
  • Best Clothing Boutique


    Shopping on Lincoln Road brings a mismatch of national retailers and cheesy tourist traps. That's why Alchemist easily stands out. With two locations on either end of the pedestrian mall, Alchemist doesn't need to advertise with double-D-size mannequins. Instead, it takes a minimalist approach — think Paris or New York — with its layout and décor, which, while stunning, isn't… More >>
  • Best Pet Supply Shop

    Dog Bar

    Talk about full-service! Where else can you go in Miami for a cut, blow-dry, and pedicure before shopping for an entirely new wardrobe? Oh, and while you're at it, pick up food for the week, some treats to nosh on, plus something for that annoying butt itch! Did we mention those things are all for your dog? In all seriousness,… More >>
  • Best Pet Kennel

    Waggle Bros. Pet Resort & Spa

    We let our dog write this one: Hi! My name is Rocco! You don't have any chicken, do you? I like chicken! I like my family! Sometimes they leave me. Why do they leave me? Do they not love Rocco? Was I bad? Did they find that turd behind the couch? I thought that was the perfect crime! But it's… More >>
  • Best Pawnshop

    General Pawn Shop

    Guns! Guns! Guns for everyone! Guns for the whole family! How about a Taurus .40 for you, sir? A song at $449.99. And what about a sweet piece for your sweet piece? She'll be the envy of her friends at Junior League when she's packing a hot-pink Taurus .380, hers for only $349.99. We have the ammo too, but maybe… More >>
  • Best Gun Shop

    Johnson's Firearms

    The Stars and Stripes flaps triumphantly near the entry to a rectangular fortified warehouse near midtown Miami. A sign over the metal front door announces, "Guns for the Good Guys." A year since opening his 4,000-square-foot armory, gun shop owner Dave Johnson has quickly become the go-to guy for folks preparing for the improbable zombie apocalypse or the very real… More >>
  • Best Liquor Store

    Vintage Liquors

    Vintage Liquors has a multiple personality complex. Is it the hipster liquor store with staff that can tell you the difference between the $20 bourbon and the $200 Pappy Van Winkle? Is it the cute wine bar that you might find in some back alley in Paris? Or is it an old-school no-nonsense place to grab a bottle of tequila… More >>
  • Best Newsstand

    News Cafe

    Sunrise in Miami Beach. The clubbers are back in their hotel rooms, and the international papers have just been delivered to News Café. Two tables away: She's not wearing any makeup but for a gentle dab of red lipstick, most of which has been kissed onto her cigarette. Her eyes are inscrutable behind sunglasses. Then she opens her $5.20 copy… More >>
  • Best Cigar Shop

    Vilar Cigar Shop

    Want to find the real Miami? Stop in Vilar Cigar Shop on a Friday or Saturday night, buy yourself a Maximus Double Corona — you might spend $17.50 on the stogy, but honestly, the extravagance is kind of the point — and walk upstairs to the lounge with supple leather armchairs. The place will be crowded with successful men of… More >>
  • Best Jewelry Store

    Richard's Gems & Jewelry

    Hey there, fella. It's time to let that special lady in your life know that your love is meant to be. But where to buy the rock to show how much she rocks? For more than a quarter-century, Elena and Arie Paz, owners of Richard's Gems & Jewelry, have helped thousands of grooms design eye-popping, ice-encrusted I-will-never-leave-or-hurt-you bands for their… More >>
  • Best Barbershop

    Amici Barber Shop

    When we go to the barbershop, we don't want our head shampooed. We don't need women in top hats and corsets attending to us. And we don't want to pay more than $20. Sadly, that disqualifies most of the cabello chop shops in town. Thankfully, there is now the Amici Barber Shop in Miami Beach. In exchange for a single,… More >>
  • Best Gym

    CrossFit 305

    If you survive all 9,000 kettlebell swings, hand-stand pushups, dead lifts, pullups, wall balls, box jumps, and overhead squats, CrossFit 305 promises to make you so tough you could tie an alligator in a knot with your glutes. If you've never tried CrossFit because you're afraid of red-faced and spitting militant trainers, stop watching trashy TV — this ain't Scared… More >>
  • Best Celebrity-Owned Boutique


    Walking into Unknwn is like strolling into the pages of some mind-blowingly hip fashion magazine like Nylon Guys. With a mix of establishment-approved, up-and-coming fashion labels (Band of Outsiders, 3.1 Phillip Lim, A.P.C.) and street-wear brands (Warriors of Radness, Crooks & Castles, Stussy), the Aventura Mall outpost is a must-visit for any guy. This is designer wear at designer prices,… More >>
  • Best Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Michael Salzhauer

    Sure, Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery owner Dr. Michael A. Salzhauer (AKA Dr. Schnoz) is probably most notorious for his supercontroversial, allegedly anti-Semitic "Jewcan Sam" music video contest, a 2012 rhinoplasty promo prank that seriously pissed off the uptight, humorless dorks at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But he's been fixing effed-up faces, problematic proboscises, droopy chins, saggy boobs, flabby… More >>
  • Best Massage

    Massage Isles & Wellness Center

    Your boss has been on your ass again all week about those TPS Reports. You did not get the memo. Your cubicle mate keeps doing that thing where she hums that Katy Perry song for hours at a time. The office smells like reheated Hot Pockets. Unless you can take the copy machine out back and go gangster on it… More >>
  • Best Florist

    Hirni's Wayside Garden Florist

    Fact: The events industry is a scam. No matter what item you're shopping for, sellers will immediately double the price when they learn you're buying it for your wedding, your daughter's bat mitzvah, or your 50th anniversary party. Anything sentimental, really. And in a city like Miami, where appearances count for a lot, florists can be among the worst offenders.… More >>
  • Best Spa

    Exhale Miami

    Are you ready for a craniosacral massage? It's not some twisted fetish thing involving skulls and male private parts. It's a spa treatment at Exhale Miami that gently removes accumulated stress from the central nervous system and facilitates meditation. If you're looking for a treatment that works on the surface, try the Glow Body Scrub, which uses dry brushing, a… More >>
  • Best Facial

    Skin Institute

    Suffering from the ever-present Miami shine of sunblock and sweat? Fear not! At Skin Institute, not only do you walk away with the cleanest face in the 305, but also you're treated like royalty while trained technicians scrub the grime from your pores. Between the complimentary juices made in-house and the bag of freebies you leave with, the facial is… More >>
  • Best Hair Removal

    Lincoln Road Dermatology

    Helmed by Dr. Marcy Alvarez — a young, supercool, and hysterically funny dermatologist and University of Miami grad — Lincoln Road Dermatology is a new boutique-style medical office specializing in all things zit, mole, mark, and, above all, hair removal. Go in for a consultation regarding your furry back, fuzzy feet, overgrown armpits, and tragic bikini line and Dr. A… More >>
  • Best Salon to Drink

    Rik Rak Salon

    Going to the hair salon can be pretty damn stressful. You're basically trusting some relative stranger (unless, of course, your stylist is your actual relative) with your precious tresses. And let's face it — even air traffic controllers screw up once in a while. We can't think of a more appropriate time to be a little buzzed than when someone… More >>
  • Best Hair Salon

    Salon Vaso

    A man can tell a lot about a woman by her hair. Is she the type of gal who hits the ground running out of bed and off to work, or the kind to wake up two hours early just to make sure every strand is in place? Whatever your preference, every type of lady loves Salon Vaso. Sure, it's… More >>
  • Best Nail Salon

    Brickell Nail Spot

    Whether you're beating your hands to a pulp hauling fish out of the Atlantic Ocean or banging those cuticles on a keyboard all day, sometimes nothing feels better than getting your nails done up properly. At Brickell Nail Spot, 35 bucks buys a perfect French pedicure: no missed corners, no jagged filings, no uneven tips. Don't you hate it when… More >>
  • Best Tanning Salon

    Tan V

    Why would a Miamian ever need a tanning salon? Beats us. But for people who don't want to take advantage of the free sun, Tan V is the next best thing. The attentive staff and clean facilities make a visit pleasant enough that you won't miss the sand in your butt crack and loud stereos in your vicinity. And with… More >>
  • Best Adult Video Store

    Dixie Adult Book and Video

    Walk into this joint and you probably won't feel like you just entered a sex shop. As long as you ignore all the dildos, lube, and floggers, that is, and focus on the clean, well-lit ambiance and the polite, cheery clerks. But who wants to do that? Dixie Adult Book and Video is like the Gap of porn shops. Apart… More >>
  • Best Sneaker Store

    Shoe Gallery

    In business since 1979, Shoe Gallery is a true Miami classic, but it's not the kind of store that rests on its laurels. The inventory here is always forward-thinking, and the store's reputation means they often carry super-limited-edition kicks that you can't find anywhere else in the state — and sometimes the world. Looking for the latest special-edition LeBrons? Got… More >>
  • Best Public Wi-Fi

    Lester's - CLOSED

    We 20-somethings are really busy sticking it to The Man. We don't need no offices or 9-to-5 slave gigs. We're just fine selling our handmade wares on Etsy and blogging our way to the top. But slouching in front of a computer in bed all day is no way to live. Starbucks is famous for its Wi-Fi, but it's too… More >>
  • Best Green Business

    Green Garden Organics

    The Duncanson family grows and then hand-cuts its own nongenetically modified, 100 percent organic-certified wheatgrass, sunflower greens, pea shoots, mung beans, chickpeas, legumes, barley grass, microgreens, and much more — all using an organic soil mix and desalinated sea water. They have been farming wheatgrass in Miami since 1989, and you can find their products at just about any spot… More >>
  • Best Costume Shop

    Dixon Costumes

    Wanna scare the rabbit shit out of your leporiphobic nieces and nephews by dressing up like a six-foot-tall talking bunny named Sam who chuckles incessantly, screams for fun, and eats little kids instead of carrots? Go see the dress-up experts at Dixon Costumes, an enormous emporium of outlandish ensembles that's been in the business of renting full-body fur suits ($125)… More >>