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There's an old proverb that goes, "First the man takes a drink; then the drink takes the man." Whatever. At Japanese Market — a tiny stop-and-shop with a fresh, by-the-roll sushi counter — sometimes the drink is the whole point. With more than 50 brands of hot and cold sake ranging from $4 to $74 to choose from, you can pluck chilled sake from the fridge and drink at the counter while you munch a spicy tuna roll. The place is set up like an old-fashioned drugstore, except with an emphasis on food. It specializes in ingredients from Japan, such as fish sauce and canned curry. Looking for something sweet? Try the Pocky. It's a biscuit stick coated with chocolate, green tea, mint, or mango for $2 to $3. Or opt for Hi-chew, a fruity Starburst-like candy that comes wrapped in wax paper for $2. The saying should go, "First the man takes a drink; then the man takes a bite." Mmmm.

Best Place to Buy Gourmet Goodies at 4 a.m.

Compass Market

Late-night food runs on South Beach usually mean pizza pies or greasy (yet delicious) tacos. Sure, it's fun to stumble out of the club and end up at 7-Eleven, stuffing footlong hot dogs down your gullet, but you could hit Compass Market for gourmet goodies that are worthy of A-list munchies moments. Got two gallons of tequila in your stomach? Hit the refrigerated case for ready-to-eat empanadas, wraps, panini, and ceviche. Sometimes food is the last thing on your mind, so the cases of Izze natural beverages and juices will help replenish the electrolytes you lost in that bottomless glass of gin, and a bottle of Perrier-Jouët bubbly has "hair of the dog" written all over it. Snacks and sundries. Papaya and arugula. Grab a pack of fresh-roasted gourmet java straight from the Keys to your coffeemaker and your hangover. The wall of cigarettes, cigars, and, um, rolling papers means your club-worthy lung destruction doesn't have to end. Ever.

From the outside, these two establishments look like they'd have to be connected. Come on, who would put two porn shops directly next to each other? But look closer and you'll see there are actually a couple of inches of space where one wall stops and another begins. To your left, a sign heralds "Adult & Non-Adult Video," while the other side gets to the point with just "Adult Video." Choose which hole — um, doorway — you want poke yourself into and you couldn't be in for a bigger surprise. On the left, Adult Supermarket is the kind of classy porn shop you'd take a girlfriend to, if a classy porn shop actually exists. There are well-kept displays, bright lighting, and tastefully mirrored walls. You don't have to think twice about touching anything. Then there's J&R Books & Video. Despite having the more subtle name of these straight-up I'm-here-to-find-something-to-get-me-off shops, this place comes complete with video viewing booths (if you don't know, you probably don't want to). Together they're like no other two naughty spots that happen to be close to each other: One is classy and traditional; the other is a little freaky.

Unlike the adult outposts of old, Playthings isn't some sleazy shack marked with a big, red triple X. Located across the street from Bird Bowl, this locally owned sex shop blends seamlessly into the family-oriented strip mall. And once inside, you shouldn't be surprised to find yourself browsing $20 PVC underwear alongside a young mother and her screaming toddler. However, don't assume that friendliness precludes freakiness: The huge main room features a massive selection of masturbatory devices. There's the silicone true-skin Mini Tongue ($74.99) and the Dream Maker Lunar vibrator ($149.99), with its super-thick, knobby shaft. There's also a connoisseur's corner of flogging devices, including plastic paddles and braided horse crops ($9.99). But take note: The truly hard-core stuff is stashed in a backroom bunker. There you'll find a stockpile of $40 DVD and Blu-ray porn, from Bettie Page to the entire Bang Bros catalogue. Plus, it's where Playthings hides its biggest toys, such as the legendary 12-inch John Holmes cock, the Boston penis enlargement pump, and lifelike asses. Weird but awesome.

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