What Happens in Seminole, Stays in Seminole

Despite the heavy air and lush green landscape, the drive west on Stirling Road can remind one of the approach to the much drier, much browner Las Vegas. The glow over the Seminole Hard Rock, pierces the surrounding darkness, beckoning the gamesters and thrill seekers, much like Sin City. But that’s not the only thing that feels particularly Vegas-esque about Seminole country these days. The Hard Rock now has real table games, including blackjack and baccarat. The place has had a celebrity OD. The buffet, the pool, the shopping, the bars — it’s like a mini Vegas, baby. All that’s missing now is a long-term deal with Céline Dion and Danny Gans.

The pugilistic arm of the Seminole empire, Warriors Boxing, continues to attract the Sport of Kings to South Florida (and away from Vegas). Wednesday evening, Joel Julio and “Mean” Joe Greene will coheadline the Heavy Hitters boxing match at Hard Rock Live for ESPN2's Wednesday Night Fights. Tickets range from $25 to $150. Call 305-358-5885, or visit www.warriorsboxing.com.
Wed., Aug. 13, 2008
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Tom McFadden