U.S. World Cup Hero Abby Wambach in Miami for Soccer Festival

Admit it, you were swept up by the passion of soccer this month when U.S.Women's World Cup soccer team made a heroic run to the final game, only to get your heart broken when they lost in penalty kicks. If there was one player who was the center of all the attention (we mean, besides Hope Solo, who let's admit it, is pretty fine!) it was Abby Wambach, the impossibly tall and irrepressible forward who seemed to have a magnet in her forehead which she used to draw the ball and score goals in the most dramatic moments.

Lucky for you, your love affair with soccer, even if temporary, can last a bit longer as Wambach will be at the first ever Miami Soccer Festival at Kendall Soccer Park on Sunday. Read on for details.

Wambach just got back from Germany and the World Cup and one of her

first stops is Kendall? It's true. She'll be at the festival on Sunday

to meet fans, hand out prizes, pose for pictures, and sign autographs.

Wambach's scheduled appearance is a huge get for the inaugural festival

which looks to capitalize on South Florida's obsession with soccer.

The festival, which begins Saturday and continues through Sunday, features a

series of soccer tournaments for varying ages and skill levels. But it

won't be all footie. There will also be a battle of local bands and a

variety of "beautiful game" (as soccer is sometimes called) activities,

including video games and special-skills competitions (think juggling

contests). Organizers promise other special guests too, with some of

them sure to be members of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Don't miss the

vendors hawking food, jerseys (time to pick up that new Barcelona kit

you've been coveting), and other accessories.

Here's a reminder why you should be thrilled that Wambach will be in

town. This goal against Brazil is already being called one of the

biggest moments in US sports history.

The Miami Soccer Festival is free and takes place Saturday and Sunday

starting at 9 a.m. at the Kendall Soccer Park (8011 S.W. 127 Ave.,

Miami). For more information visit miamisoccerfestival.org.

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