Tough Love Miami's Jane Castro Talks Season Three, Host Steve Ward, and Show Drama

When it comes to Miami, we have had our fair share of reality shows call the 305 home. From Jersey Shore to Bad Girls Club, it seems cable networks love to embarrass our city one drunken bar fight at a time. And while we have another one coming right around the corner, at least girls might learn something from this one.

Ladies, VH1's Tough Love starts Monday and it is based right here in the Magic City. Not only that, but two Miamians were cast to be a part of it. And we had the chance to chat with one of them: Jane Castro, who also goes by Jei.

Her bio goes like this: "An American

born Cuban, Jane is the definition of the feisty Latina -- jealous,

demanding, hot, loud and sexy." And before her show premieres next week,

we chatted with her about just what fans can expect from this upcoming

season and what she learned from self proclaimed love expert and host of

Tough Love Miami, Steve Ward.

New Times: You are a Miami girl, correct?
Jane Castro: Yep, born and raised. It's me and a girl named Claudia, who is also from Miami. The rest of the girls were from out of town.

How did you get on Tough Love Miami?
My friend and manager, Michael, encouraged me to do the show. I had just broken up with my ex and he was like, "You will be great for this!" I figured what was there to loose? I went through the interview process and I got picked. I was shocked. I had two days to prepare and move into the house. It was super fast.

What made you want to do the show: love or the exposure?
I love reality shows. I have been watching reality shows since the first Real World.

What can fans expect from this season?
When I walked into the house, I was like, "Wow--everyone is so pretty." We are a pretty gorgeous cast. Past seasons, let's just say, all the girls weren't that cute. But it's set in Miami, so of course they had to pick cute girls.

How was it to live with a bunch of women?
They put me in a room with four other women and I was sleeping in a twin bed. Lets just say I am very happy to be home. The bathroom and the closet was amazing. It was very Carrie Bradshaw-like. I shared the bathroom with a the girls who share my OCD for keeping a clean and organized bathroom. I think that is one of the only reasons I survived. 

I can only imagine the drama of a bunch of living in a house.
You just answered your own question. What do you think? Of course! All day, every day was drama. I love my gays--I'd much rather live with a bunch of dudes. I wasn't used to it.

Is that why you are having your premiere party at Lords Hotel on South Beach?
The gays are going to give me their honest opinion on the show- that is what I love about them! I am extremely honest too. It might actually be a problem. But everything I did and said on the show is what I wanted to do. So, you won't hear me saying, "Oh, I looked like that because of bad editing."

Steve Ward is pretty hot, you have to admit.
(Long pause) Oh, lord. That's all I can say is oh, lord. You will see why -- him and I have drama. Lots of it. But it's funny -- he and I keep in touch via social media now. He's better over the computer.

What was the best advice you learned during Tough Love?
Everyone woman should know to not move too fast. Be sure to slow down and relax. Let it happen and enjoy the moment. Don't worry about, will he call me? Will he text me? You are ruining it for yourself.

After all of this, do you have a different opinion of men in Miami?
It depends. I think it depends on what area you are talking about when it comes to men. I like the men on Miami Beach. And downtown is good too--they are a little more chill and have that professional aspect to them. It feels a little New York to me. Guys are just different out here. In Los Angeles, they will come up to you and be like, "How are you? You are pretty." In Miami, you get "Psst Psst-hey girl!"

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