The Ten Best Things to Do In Miami This Halloween Weekend

It's that time of year again, y'all.

The season when cool nights replace sticky and muggy... well, everything. The time when children dress up as their favorite fantasy character, and adults enable them. This is the weekend that children will consume more sugar and calories from fat from strangers than any other time of the year.

It's Halloween weekend, y'all.

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Whether you're taking out the tots for some trick-or-treating, or hitting up a house party with some friends, Cultist's got your back with the ten best things to do this weekend.

You know, in case you need plans, or your originals ones don't play out.


Mega Pet Adoption: Who says "no" to a cuddly ball of fur? TELL US! WHO?!

Lynrd Skynrd Simple Man Cruise PreParty: Men, take note: Deep down inside, every woman loves Lynrd Skynrd.

James Zabiela: Tirelessly pushing the envelope on old-school progressive house.


Back in Black: Spooks 'n muzik, y'all!

South Dade Food and Country Festval: Country music! Hooters! Line dancing! Barbecue!

Hallowynwood: Since 2001, people have been saying that SoBe is dying. Wynwood is here to take the spotlight (for Halloween, at least).

The Bangles: The 80s. That is all.

Submission: 50 Shades of Cray.


ZMBLAND 5K: Themed 5Ks aren't dying anytime soon. They're like the un-dead. (Well, this one is, at least.)

Lemonheads and Psychedelic Furs: You actually love their music -- you probably just didn't know it.

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