The Ten Best Halloween 2015 Costumes Around Miami

Ahh, Halloween. A time where sugary substances reign supreme and when the sun goes down, adults like to like their freak hang out underneath the blanket of night. Lincoln Road is always the place to be to see incredible costumes, and this year, HalloWyn took over Wynwood with an equally amazing array of people. Here are our favorite Halloween costumes of 2015 from the revelers at Lincoln Road and Wynwood.

Everything is awesome when you're hidden behind a makeshift Lego. 

We're not entirely sure who these gentlemen are supposed to be — an Egyptian guard, a gladiator, and a demon maybe? — but they're shirtless, so we're going to go ahead and leave this here. 

It's surprising to see Katy Perry mingling with her left shark, but it seems they've put the Super Bowl performance behind them. 

"Have I gone mad?" "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are." 

Perhaps one of the most underrated fashion designers in the biz, Mugatu came out to celebrate on Lincoln Road. 

A superhero couple is the best kind of couple. 

There's something poetic about a wolf dressed as Snow White strolling the dark streets of Wynwood. 

There's always extra points for creativity when you dress up as an Internet celebrity like the Fat Jewish. 

Jigsaw is always a creeper, but we're digging the lady Stormtrooper. 

Sugar skull makeup is always relevant on Halloween since November 2 is Dia de los muertos, and this gang is complete with a zombie mariachi.
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Carolina del Busto is a freelance writer for Miami New Times. She nurtured her love of words at Boston College before moving back home to Miami and has been covering arts and culture in the Magic City since 2013.