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The Studs of Swim Week 2014: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim's Hottest Guys

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Your typical man doesn't get that excited about fashion. While many women might have trouble choosing between a fashiongasm and an actual orgasm (believe us, it's debatable), the fashion appreciation gene just doesn't seem like it's in the average male makeup.

Men in Miami, however, have been trained differently. There is one time of the year where the hotties of the 305 take an interest pertaining to fashion: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. And it's not just because of the girls. Ah, hell, who are we kidding? It's mostly because of the T&A bouncing down the runway. But some of these guys have other reasons besides wiping up their drool and pouring ice down their pants. Some of them are genuinely there to mingle, make business connections, or draw inspiration for the next collection of their contemporary line.

But whatever the reason, superficial or not, there's only one thing that matters to us: their hotness. And during last night's show, the presence of hot men completely plagued the premises. Can we say hottie overload?

Here are but a few of MBFW Swim's studliest guys.

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Chaplin's Successor

Yah, you're right. He is pretty badass. Come on, the cane, the Versus Versace tee, the tats, and those shnazzy, patent leather loafers. Trevor Larson gave all things Chaplin, but with much more swag, of course. And as to why he was sporting that cane: the sales coordinator of Wildfox told us it was because he busted up his leg. Well, we hope you bust up your leg more often - whoops, we mean, get well soon!

He's Taken

We spotted this lady-catcher from afar and embarrassingly chased after him. But our hopes and dreams were shattered when we learned that this sweeping Brit was taken. Here, we see him talking on the phone to his wife who was walking in the We Are Handsome Show. How can we compete with that?

Mr. T and Kid from Kid'n'Play Reincarnated

Let's be real: any duo who can rock the crap out of a Mr-T-lookin' Mohawk and a legit flat top has our vote for swagger-status. On your right you have Renaldo Fears, who was in attendance to simply check out chicks in itsy-bitsy bikinis, and to your left you have Casey Levan who was there to draw inspiration for his line of bow ties.

Model Man

His name remains anonymous to our records. All we do know, however, is that he is finger-lickin'-good. Come hither, model man.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome

This guy could be Aladdin's great, great, great, great, great grandson. Aladdin was the hottest of all Disney characters, might we add.

'Member That One Hot Photographer Guy...?'

We could smell his sensuality from a mile away. And once we made contact with the dude sporting the tone-on-tone ensemble, it all made sense: he's Colombian - those men are programmed to be hot. Curiosity further piqued when Camilo Rios informed us that he was a fashion photographer; but not just any 'ole photographer. He's shot for Vogue Brazil, is the creative director for The Webster, and has even designed for Del Toro (that which he's sporting in the above pic). Yummy.

Undercover Artist

When asked for his name, the lanky-looker with the wild locks said, "Alias. Would Alias be okay?" His explanation behind the sudden name-change: "because I'm an artist and I use my designer alias name." There's that word again. Oh well, you're still hot, arty-shmarty.


Right outside the chaos of the non-stop shows was a sight to behold. He was hard to miss, as his 6'10 stature overwhelmed insignificant, normal folk like us. A legend he was - a god amongst men. And we just had to take a bite out of heaven. His name was Jackson Vroman. He came to the shows because he likes to run around with unique, well-dressed individuals like his dear friend and designer of Beach Bunny - oh yah, and the chicks, man, chicks. Come on, he's guy. Can ya' blame him?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.