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The Spin Crowd's Jonathan Cheban Talks Real Housewives and the Kardashians

What the heck makes someone famous these days? People with real talent are singing at your local bars while people like Kim Zolciak and Danielle Staub are on their second single. And the queen of being famous for no reason is, without a doubt, Kim Kardashian. Yet, we can't be mad at her. She is gorgeous, for one, and she has not only turned her family into millionaires, but also her BFFs. Jonathan Cheban is one of those lucky friends.

You might recognize him from The Spin Crowd, but he has been rolling with famous people way before E! came around. Kicking off his career throwing Diddy's famous White Party, he has worked with everyone from Shannen Doherty to Nicole Richie. So right before getting on a plane to Miami where he will celebrate Christmas, he chatted with Cultist to talk about everything from his humble beginnings to his dating life... or lack there of.

New Times: You're heading to Miami? Business or pleasure?

Pleasure. I'm staying till January 5th or 6th.  I was there for Basel and it wasn't too cold. I hope it stays that way.

Where did you get your big break -- Diddy's White Party?

When I was doing PR, I was working with people like Jennifer Lopez and Diddy. I built my brand off events and people like that. No one was doing PR, that kind of niche PR, at that time.

How did you started in the PR business?

I started my own business when I was young.  I have paid my dues, though. I have worked really hard to get where I am. I never had a dad that worked in this business and could give me clients. I haven't worked for someone for a long time. I just don't like taking orders from anyone. It's really hard for me to listen to bosses and after a few years, I just couldn't do it anymore.  

Are most of your celebrity clients also your friends?

We don't represent celebrities. We represent my friends. When working, I met the Hilton Sisters, Kelly Osbourne, and all those girls--over the years, they have become good friends 

Advice for kids trying to make it in PR?

It's really hard, especially because everyone wants to do it. They think its just parties and events. And yes, it is that, but it's so much more.  My biggest advice is to intern. If you work hard for someone, once you're out of college, they will hire you. It's so much easier to have someone you can feel out then to hire somone outside of the company.

We loved The Spin Crowd. What was it like to have your life on TV?

I love it and that is pretty much what I'll be doing now. I'll be building my brand, opposed to PR stuff: products, books, and stuff like that. I have been friends with all the girls who had their own TV shows and I have kinda lived through them: Kelly Osbourne, Paris, and Nicole, and then of course Kim, so I have been around it for a while.

Kim Kardashian is one of your besties. What do you think makes her so popular?

Honestly, I don't know. She is just sweet. I don't know what people see that don't know them, but they deserve their fame.

It was rumored that you were dating Real Housewives of New Jersey housewife Jacqueline's daughter.

Well, all I can say is I love New Jersey. But I am single. Maybe in 2011 I'll be dating. I travel so much, it's kind of impossible to date. I was in different city every weekend pretty much all year.

Any news on a The Spin Crowd Season 2?

Season two...who knows, fingers crossed. We will definitely know after the new year. Hopefully, it did really well. It was the highest 10:30 p.m. rated show in E! history.

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