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The Seven Best Things to Do With Your Dog in Miami

Anyone with a four-legged friend knows the bond between dog and owner is one of life's strongest. From morning cuddles and afternoon walks to road trips and movie nights, days spent next to your pup are better than anything else.

Unfortunately, many places aren't as dog-friendly as we wish them to be. Thankfully, Miami has a bevy of pooch-friendly activities to make up for it. Grab your pup and take advantage of everything from beaches and parks to restaurants, hotels, malls, and workout sessions that welcome four-legged friends of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. 
7. Spend the day at Hobie Beach
The best thing to do in Miami is visit one of its many beaches. And at Hobie Beach, you can do just that with your favorite furry friend. This bayside location is known for being one of Miami's favorite dog-friendly beaches. Lie on the sand, go for a walk, or take a swim, because the water is shallow enough for even the smallest of pups. 6. Take a walk at Amelia Earhart Bark Park
Rain or shine, taking Fluffy for a walk is something dog owners and their sidekicks do multiple times per day. Spice up one of those outings with a stroll through Amelia Earhart Bark Park. The five-acre space is completely fenced-in and offers a separate section for smaller dogs. Or venture beyond the dog-only area through more than 500 acres of lush greenery. Bark Park admission is always free, and general park admission is free weekdays and $7 on weekends and holidays. 5. Grab a bite at a Matthew Kuscher-owned restaurant 
Lokal in Coconut Grove, Kush in Wynwood, and the newly opened Spillover are the progeny of Matthew Kuscher, a local restaurateur and avid dog lover. His eateries offer water stations, occasional menu specials, and happy-hour events for pups. At Lokal, you can find dog-friendly dishes such as Marmaduke’s meatloaf and Yeyo’s chicken and rice, along with Bowser Beer, a nonalcoholic brew from Tampa made specially for dogs. All three restaurants offer outdoor seating, perfect for you and your furry friend.
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