The Five Best Swimwear Boutiques in Miami

At this time of year, even the thought of donning an innocent, inconspicuous tank top seems too overbearing for South Florida's muggy humidity. And when that happens, the women of Miami resort to anatomical liberation, a physical freedom of expression done in the most sexy of ways: the swimsuit.

Of course, finding a swimsuit is like finding a best friend or a soul mate - it ain't easy. There can be major personality pitfalls like a saggy butt or lopsided cutouts. Sometimes finding a suit can be a bigger pain in the ass than coming face-to-face with the perfect pair of jeans. And not every swimwear boutique gets your body or even cares to, for that matter. But there are few in the Magic City that do; places where expert salespeople, by just one glance, already know the ideal swimsuit you've been waiting for these long, hard months in a world full of no's.

So as this weekend's Swim Week approaches, we've hand picked the best swimwear boutiques that will leave you with a brand new "best friend" for the season - and no saggy butt. You can thank us later.

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Nycole Sariol