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The Black Miami: Black Influence in South Florida from the 1800s to the '80s Riots

There are probably about a million secret histories hiding in Miami. With so many different cultures and communities coexisting in one place, no two people's versions of the events of the past are likely to match up perfectly. It's beautiful, in a way, but it also means that many of us are missing out on things that are happening right next door.

That's why the new documentary The Black Miami has piqued our interest. Based on Dr. Marvin Dunn's book, Black Miami in the 20th Century, the film describes the history and significance of blacks in South Florida. Regardless of your background, you're sure to be captivated by the stories of The Black Miami, many of which you've likely never heard.

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Kathleen Halliday earned an MA in electronic communication and publishing from University College London. While she was living in the UK, she met her husband, who patiently listens to her wax poetic about literature and crime shows.