Ten Ways to Get Fit Like a Chippendales Dancer

You don't get much closer to human perfection than the men of Chippendales. Since 1979, these dudes have been titillating women the world over with glistening abs, bulging biceps, and nicely wrapped -- ahem -- packages.

And now the Chippendales hunks are a permanent fixture at Miami Beach's Mansion. So to get the new year started off on the right, perfectly tanned foot, we spoke to these rock-solid sex gods and scored ten tips on how to get in shape like one of them. Because, be honest, men: You'd trade your beer gut for those oiled-up abs any day.

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10. Find ways to fit fitness in.

"When I'm not in the gym, I still find ways to be active," says dancer Jaymes Vaughn. "Things like doing squats while you brush your teeth, pushups and situps while you catch the evening news, or parking far away and forcing yourself to walk. You'd be surprised how many extra calories you can burn in a day."

9. Something is better than nothing.

"It sounds simple, but sometimes we get so busy it seems like there's just not enough time. Something truly is better than nothing, so who cares if today you got swamped and can't commit a full hour," Vaughn adds. "Go do 30 minutes. You'll be glad you did."

8. Jump around.

"The jump rope is my secret weapon because it works out all parts of the body. I use it in my warmup and after every workout. I prefer to have more lean muscle, and this helps me achieve that goal," says dancer Vanya Kapetanovic.

7. Get naked for motivation.

"The more you see yourself without clothes on, the more you will find yourself in the gym. It's a great motivation," Kapetanovic adds.

6. Never miss a workout.

"I work out five days a week and won't miss a workout. No matter if my day gets late, I always motivate myself to get to a gym," says dancer Bryan Cheatham.

5. It's all about the abs.

"I focus strongly on my abs and do ab exercises between every workout," Cheatham says. "Start with abs to warm up, then legs or arms, and abs again between each workout. It's the best way for me to maintain my six-pack."

4. Flexibility is everything.

"To have great flexibility is key to being a good dancer," says Matt Marshall. "When working out, make sure to work out your arms equal to your legs. It will build flexibility and stability, which helps greatly when performing."

3. Add resistance.

"Keep adding two pounds of weight to your bar each week and watch your muscles grow and strength improve drastically," Marshall says. "I alternate workouts to make sure I am working out different muscles each day -- six days a week with one day for rest. Warmups and cool-downs are essential."

2. Heavy weights are a win.

"When lifting, I believe that the heavier the weight, the more muscle you will build," says dancer Joshua DuBois. "When I do my workouts, I start by lifting more than normal then scale back gradually by the end. I lift four days a week."

1. Always sweat.

"On days when I am not lifting, I am typically doing bikram yoga or anything that makes me sweat, DuBois adds. "Sweating is important and a good way to cleanse the body and get centered."

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