Ten Best Vintage Boutiques in Miami

We often hear people complain about how there isn't a large selection of reputable vintage curators in South Florida. Complaints are often "too overpriced," "in poor condition," "inauthentic replicas," or "too mainstream" (yes, that's a thing now). But they're not looking in the right places. The whole point of shopping high-end secondhand is the thrill of the limited-edition chase. And there's plenty to chase in Miami.

What sets vintage stores apart in the Magic City is a lot more than just how often they restock their wares, where they get them from ("This came from a shopping trip to India," we were told at one of the shops), and when they're open. We've handpicked the ten best vintage stores in Miami. No thrift, no attitudes, but plenty of great customer service at these fine establishments.

10. Twice Growing up in New York, Carmen Franchi de Alfaro knew that consignment, vintage, thrift, and secondhand shopping were the only ways to build a serious wardrobe. She wasn't up for fast fashion. She wanted statement pieces that would eventually be collectibles.

Walking into her consignment store feels a bit like stepping out of a time machine. Vintage knickknacks such as 50-year-old razors, antique armoires, and fine china are juxtaposed with hanging art, Jimmy Choo shoes, and airy outfits that fit right in with Miami's scorching temps. "I felt it was time to open a consignment shop that had an old-world feel to it," Franchi de Alfaro says. "Imagine Indiana Jones in charge of merchandising Saks. That's Twice."

4040 Red Rd., 305-665-7620. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday noon-4 p.m.

9. Las Tias Window displays at Las Tias look more like they were plucked from Fifth Avenue in New York City than that of a consignment shop. They have flair and draw you into the consignment shop on the corner of North Miami Avenue and NE 29th Street. But don't let the seemingly endless rows of one-of-a-kind furniture fool you. In the back, beyond the Le Corbusier L2 chaise lounges, Arne Jacobsen egg chairs, and chandeliers, is a well-curated selection of handbags, clothing (for men and women), hats, and shoes. If you're a jewelry nut, there's plenty of that too (both vintage and newish) at fairly decent prices. During one of Las Tias' infamous sales, you can expect to find $18 bracelets and $10 earrings.

2834 N. Miami Ave., 305-573-4198. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

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