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Ten Best Miami Artists to Follow on Instagram

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If you follow the right people, your Instagram feed can be more than just another method of procrastination. Artists are often those right people because they know how to express themselves in ways that are visually appealing. This medium is tailor-made for them to play and us to watch.

Here's a list of our ten favorite local visual artists doing Instagram just the way we like it -- by giving us a peek into their lives and their process, showing us works that are both expensive and accessible, being weird and thoughtful, and giving us every reason to double-tap their pics.

Now, before you even think of typing, "DESE IZ NOT D BEST ARTISTS N MYAMI," we get it. It's hard to pick just ten without leaving out a hundred. Forgive us. Please calmly let us know your faves in the comments. #THAYNKEWE.

Jessy Nite


Jessy Nite's colorful, contemporary pieces pop off your timeline like candy. So do her selfies, pics of her dog, and the supercute pill earrings from her Roll Model jewelry collection. Following her means sitting front row while she gets tatted and discovering she has the willpower to avoid Lee & Marie's coconut croissants.

Nathan Delinois


Nate almost exclusively posts images of his works, from start to finish, but dammit, his oil paintings and watercolors are so gorgeous. Women in masks are a recurring theme. When he flips his focus to his fixie or shows how he keeps his bod, um, picture perfect, that's not so bad either.

Jen Stark


Talk about an optical illusion. Jen Starks' paper sculptures play out beautifully on Instagram. The colors, the patterns, and feats of replication -- all very visually delicious. We also love how she plays with photos, like the time she imposed baby Kanyes on a pic of some random couple. (OK, it was Kanye and Kim, but still cute.)

Ahol Sniffs Glue


A lot of artists show you their stuff. Ahol does that and gives you the opportunity to actually own it and kiss it (or whatever). The best part is, he sells and produces limited quantities. Following him gives you access to some exclusive pieces, along with images of his dog Spiro looking very bored and/or adorable.

Friends With You


OK, super Friends Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III have left Miami for L.A., but their works are still so damn 305. Follow them for the Magic, the Love, and the Friendship. Stay for the cutesy stuff, the colorful stuff, the how'd-they-come-up-with-that stuff. Also, lots of pics of FWY and their art-world friends.

Stefan Von Fouts


Who else do you follow who's re-creating the Mona Lisa using more than 50,000 Lite-Brite pegs? And a taxidermy-style cow out of beer cans and other alcoholic packaging? Von Fouts' found-object pieces make a strong case for littering. Or dropping things off directly to his workshop.

Subi Roberto


Girls and graffiti might be the Holy Grail of Instagram pics, and Subi has both. She gives a peek into her stealthy art life by posting pics of her late-night (and maybe illegal) adventures in tagging local walls with her signature hollow-eyed heads. Don't call her a thirst trap or anything, but she's not afraid to show off her other body of work.

Asif M Farooq


You want guns or you want kittens? Asif's feed offers both. Kittens on his shoulder and the intricate collection of guns he's made using just cardboard, an X-Acto knife, and glue. He shows his process of making the rifles and revolvers from start to finish, and seeing the details up close is so worth the double-tap.

Ruben Ubiera


Ubiera's neo-figurative works are plastered everywhere. From Wynwood Walls to the Fort Lauderdale airport, the bold and vivid pieces also pepper his timeline. There's some food, coffee, and a skateboard adventure or two, but what you see here is mostly his art in many stages.



You know Typoe. Pop culture explorer, limit-pusher. He's the same on IG, posting pieces of his own and others that'll make you chuckle, swoon, shake your head, or blush. We love following him because we never know what we're gonna see next. Will it be nods to Ferris Bueller or a #tbt pic of himself in a Burger King crown? Isn't that what we log on for?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.