Suge Knight Late to Miami Deposition, Ordered to Pay Kanye's Lawyer Fees

Between a tooth-loosening car accident, allegedly brandishing a firearm on a busy street and being accused of hatching a murder plot, broke hip-hop mogul Marion "Suge" Knight has a pretty full plate these days.

Who could punish him for forgetting about that little lawsuit he filed against Kanye West and the Shore Club?

The answer: A Miami district judge.

Knight, who has claimed damages after being shot in the leg at a West-hosted party in Miami Beach's Shore Club, showed up more than three hours late to an April deposition. So, as South Florida Lawyers reports, Magistrate John O'Sullivan ordered him to pay West's attorneys, and a videographer, for the time they spent gazing at the drapes and taking tiny sips of water.

The total sanction came to $1,300, which doesn't seem like it would be much to a mogul, until you remember that one of Knight's core complaints is that he lost a diamond earring in the Shore Club melee, implying that at this point in his life, every little thing counts to the Suga Bear.

Riptide has gleaned from court documents that our hero also acted like a bit of a dick when he did finally show up for the deposition. The judge ordered him to sit through another seven hours of deposition and pointedly demanded that he "respond properly to the... questions".

West's attorney Adam Josephs gave us a "no comment". Knight's lawyer Marc Brumer protested: "He answered the questions to the best of his knowledge. He just took his time answering a few questions and cracked a few jokes."

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Gus Garcia-Roberts

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