Serial Killer Moves to Miami: John Lithgow Joins Dexter

Unlike certain other shows, Dexter is a Miami-set series we can get behind despite the fact it's not actually set in Miami. For three season our dark hero Dexter has kept the streets of Miami safe from serial killers, by serial killing them naturally. 

But in the upcoming season four Dexter will take on one of his toughest serial killers yet. No, not the cat killer of Cutler Bay, unfortunately, but rather John Lithgow. 

Showtime announced today that the multiple Emmy and Tony award winning actor will join the cast for all 12 episodes of the fourth season. He'll play the "Trinity Killer," a sociopath with a tendency to kill in threes that has eluded cops for over three decades (shades of the Zodiac, anyone?). 

Keith Carradine's FBI agent character, though, has been hot on Trinity's heals, so, um, of course he moves to Miami, where he raises the interest of Dexter. 

Lithgow is most familiar to TV audiences as the zany head alien on Third Rock From the Sun, but his dramatic turns on both stage and screen have won him a few high profile theater awards and a couple of Academy Award nominations. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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