Separation Anxiety

Think you’re a social outcast? Consider the vegetarian piranha who dines sheepishly on kelp while his cohorts feverishly tear into an unsuspecting swimmer. And while you’re no nature anomaly, you’ve likely found yourself pining for inclusion — even if it means a bloody feast of human flesh. Such separation anxiety is the theme of “MIAC III: Away From the Horde,” a group exhibit at the Miami-Dade Public Library. Ironically, it took a handful of collaborations to execute this study of loners. It’s presented by the Miami International Cultural Alliance and art adviser Sophie Videment and includes two dozen local and international artists. Breaking apart from the mob ain’t all bad, though — the exhibited works range from the morose to the elated. In the video The Quixotic Obstacle Course, we watch Czech artist Klara Hobza take the road less traveled as she dives her way across Europe from the Rhine to the Black Sea. Germany’s Friedrich Kunath arranges nine video monitors where a lone figure leaps from location to location while traveling the globe in About Souffle. In Facebook, Brazilian cartoon and comic book artist Daniel Azulay interprets the angst-ridden social networking site via a painted flipbook of manically smiling faces.
May 23-28, 9 a.m.; Sun., May 29, 1 p.m., 2011
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Amanda McCorquodale

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