Posters Campaign for Small Boobs, Last Name Equality in Wynwood, Midtown

Celebrity sightings were abound this weekend -- at least on paper. As you strolled Wynwood or shopped Midtown, you may have seen the likes of Zoe Saldana, Amy Adams, and Kate Hudson staring at you from posters recently plastered on the walls.

The tagline "Stay Small, My Friends" graced the bottom of the portraits, a spin on Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Man in the World" campaign. The work of artist group ReFemme, the Stay Small campaign spotlights famous females who have resisted societal pressure to get breast implants. Though they were just put up Sunday, some of the wheat-pasting posters have already been removed.

"It was fun," said artist and filmmaker Cat Del Buono. "I had somebody join me. She and I were running around in the car, jumping out and putting up posters."

Del Buono said the posters the group displayed near the ArtMiami ticket booths in Midtown were removed pretty quickly, but most of the Wynwood displays remain.

"There were so many walls just asking to be pasted on, but we had to avoid some where we knew the business owners would take them down. We were trying to be your friendly neighborhood posters."

In addition to the Stay Small posters, ReFemme's Last Name Campaign shows imagery of 18th Century women next to phrases such as, "Change my name? I'm getting married, not adopted." The Last Name Campaign is an attempt to stir questions about the practice of women taking men's last names upon marriage. Suffragist Lucy Stone also is depicted on a poster, with one of her many famous quotes underneath.

"I want to print a bunch more and keep going," Del Buono said. "I've been in contact with The Lucy Stone League, and they want to get PDFs of the posters to put up in their own cities. They're really excited. They said, 'Thank you, Cat. You are doing what most of us just talk about doing.'"

The artists of ReFemme chose their name quickly, combining inspiration from words like reform, redefine, and feminism. The group's Tumblr uses hashtags like #nosurgery and #notchattel with the artwork.

"Another poster campaign I wanna do is Be Your Own Sugar Daddy," Del Buono said. "Stop thinking of the man as the way to whatever lifestyle they want. Why are you looking for a guy with a fancy job to get you those things? Get yourself that fancy job and buy yourself that fancy car."

There are more posters to come, according to Del Buono. In addition to Wynwood and Midtown, they hope to spread the work to Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

"I want to keep doing it and keep doing it," she said. "I'm psyched. People are psyched."

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