"Photography By Women" at 6th Street Container: Simple Title, Complex Images

Mounting a group show of more than 40 artists can be a massive undertaking for any institution, let alone one using a space about the size of an average living room.

But that is what indie curator Adal Delgado has managed to pull off with his all-female photography exhibit at his buzzing Little Havana alt hothouse, the 6th Street Container, where 43 local talents are exhibiting two small format pictures each.

"Photography By Women" features a wildly contrasting mélange of styles that still manage to complement each other, as if participants had decided to collaborate together on the final results.

That's because Delgado used his keen eye to weave together the diverse strains of photographic approaches to convey a sense of narrative playfulness as one takes in the whole.

"We have a bit of everything, from digital to analog, experimental to traditional, professional artists and students," Delgado says. "The images range from 8x10" to 11x14" in size, and everything is for sale. The quality and scope of images is pretty impressive and we have never attempted such an ambitious group undertaking at one time," Delgado adds.

Photography lovers or the casual art fan looking for a gem to take home will be surprised with the nuanced nature and expansive approach to the medium embraced by the show. On view you'll find everything from nudes to landscapes, still life, portraiture, "iPhone-ography" and even minimalistic shots of clothes.

Veteran shutterbug Marlene de Lazaro catches the eye with her poetic pictures isolating solitary items of fashion, while Violet Forest seduces with her nymphs and Stephanie Lupu weighs in with self portraits of her kooky alter ego, Esther, a Jewish American princess.

Best of all, the shots on display are priced at an affordable $300 apiece, ready to fly off the wall.

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Carlos Suarez De Jesus