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Pepe Billete on Bernie Sanders and the Use of Satire

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Dear Pepe,

I have been a big fan of yours for a while. I think the humor and laughter you bring to social media has been second to none for a long time. Your popularity has earned you respect and a lot of fame. This in turn has made you very influential in the community here in Miami Especially [sic] the Latin community.

I understand you are a comedian and everything you say is for humor and laughs which I can honestly say many times have turned my shitty day into a great one.

But after watching your uninformed commentary on Bernie sanders [sic] I have to say I am disappointed my friend. Although it's a joke and for laughs, a lot of the politically uneducated population that watches your videos, believe it or not, will be influenced by the fallacies and false information in your video. Give fax [sic] on why you feel the way you do not completely compare the guy to the "Fidel Castros" of the world. Although this my seem stupid to you, it is a serious issue because although you may be informed and because of your knowledge you have written the guy off, others may not know and your video may influence your less informed Hispanic viewers to also write the guy off.

Although I have loved your character and your videos, I love the idea of promoting political knowledge and awareness to those that are less informed more. For this reason as of today I can no longer follow you are [sic] support you. - Jose

Dear Jose,

Thanks for writing. It's good to see young people like yourself so involved and vested in the political well-being of our country. And because you were so eloquently outspoken and forthcoming in your email, I wanted to take some time and answer you personally to address some of the concerns you brought up in your email.

As a satirical entertainer, my role in media is to mock and ridicule topical situations, not to educate, promote, or inform. That's what school, advertising, and the news is supposed to do. Now, when it comes to the political election process, the responsibility of garnering support, raising funds, and, most important, properly and clearly informing the public of a particular candidate's policy and views lies solely on the candidate and his campaign, pipo. That's the content we as satirists use to create satire. The dictionary definition of satire reads as follows:

It brings me great joy to know that you laugh and appreciate the parts of my work you agree with, and I'm sure you've noticed that I like to make fun of the nonsense seen and heard on both sides of the party lines, but I think you need to do a little more homework on Senator Sanders before you take any more sips of Kool-Aid today. Satirizing Sanders as un communista y un Fidelista singao was very easy for good reason. 

See, while many people your age may think that human beings didn't develop the frontal lobes of the brain responsible for rational thought and analogical comparison prior to your existence, believe it or not, they did, and not everything that older people say is as outdated, antiquated, or irrelevant as you may assume. You should listen to them sometimes and perhaps maybe even give some credence to the idea that with age comes the gift of experience and wisdom, because many of the older Hispanic people who to you may seem uneducated or out of touch with modernity because they didn't have the benefit of Wi-Fi, Wikipedia, or iPhones growing up, are actually some of the most qualified experts on the rhetoric heard early on by leaders who end up becoming the Fidel Castros of the world. Or maybe they just remember seeing Bernie Sanders on TV during the Cold War when communism was America's biggest enemy and they heard him say shit like this.

I'm proud to see the youth of our community show passion about something that's not a pair of sneakers or Kim Kardashian's bollo. Now that you're in college, you'll write a lot of research papers, pipo and when I say a lot, I mean uncojonalacere! Pero tu veras what that's going to teach you about analysis! The kind of scrutiny and analytical prowess that comes from the college experience will serve you well in whatever career path you choose to follow, but more important, it will aid you in life from being deceived, misled, or taken advantage of. Cherish the time you have in school and think of every class you take, every term paper, every study session as CrossFit for your brain.

As a college student, you are in a time of your life when you are encouraged to ask "why" and question things and hacertepaja mental pondering on just about everything. I think you should to take some time and seriously think about what it means to live in a society that truly values freedom of the press and free speech. I'm not saying this to defend myself from what you said in your email. I'm actually asking you to take time to think about the First Amendment because I think your generation is slowly being led into political-correctness armageddon by the pied piper of pussification. Yes, pipo, I'm talking about la Drake.

Whether you listen to him or not, Drake's influence is affecting almost everyone in your generation and effectively turning a whole generation of Americans into a bunch of vaginas that have no concept of humor or irony and think nothing offensive should ever be said by anyone ever. That leads to people thinking that it's everyone's responsibility to push positive, encouraging things and never bring up shit that may make someone feel bad or look like un sapingo because it hurts feelings. That is a very dangerous road indeed, pipo. In fact, it's a threat to national security because one day, the members of your generation will become the leaders of our society and one of those leaders will be elected president, and I can assure you with all of the confidence and certitude in the world that if that leader is un penco sapingo that traded in his dick and balls for a politically correct, gender unbiased, culturally sensitive enlarged clitoris while he was in college, you can rest assured that the subsequent generation of Americans will be learning Chinese or Farsi as their first language. Remember, pipo, in the land of poosies, even un chino comunista con la pinga corta is king.

Thanks again for writing, meng. Believe it or not, satire and the world of entertainment in general is demanding con cojones, mi socio. Between researching material for the show, writing, editing, and searching through the endless sea of pata sucia y ratcheteria pics I'm sent everyday, I'm left with little to no time to do much else. 

I love the idea promoting political knowledge and awareness, too, so that's why I decided to post our conversation in the Miami New Times so todo el mundo sepa que tu eres un come pinga


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.