Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero Bring Their Honeymoon to Miami

Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero Bring Their Honeymoon to Miami
Courtesy of the artists
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Courtesy of the artists
In most new marriages, for about a year or so, couples enjoy what we refer to as “the honeymoon phase.” It’s a time of pure bliss, sex, and smiles. Comedians Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero tied the knot in 2015. With their “Endless Honeymoon” tour, they’re trying to keep that shit going as long as possible.

Currently, each comic stars in her/his own Comedy Central show. Kasher is the host of Problematic With Moshe Kasher, a half-hour, late-night talk show born out of his excellent and insightful podcast, Hound Tall Discussion Series. So far Problematic has tackled topics such as cultural appropriation, the dark web, and Islamophobia — heady subjects for a comedy show, but then this is the man who titled his 2012 memoir, Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy From Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16.

Equally busy is Leggero, who, alongside co-creator and costar Riki Lindhome, satirizes celebrity, social classes, and the filthy rich in Another Period. By mocking both Downton Abbey and the Kardashians, Leggero finds herself able to spoof attitudes as pervasive and relevant in 2017 as they were in 1902, the era in which that show takes place.

We spoke to the pair ahead of their show Sunday, July 23, at the James L. Knight Center. They were mulling a trip to Florida's quintessential honeymoon destination: Key West.

“We’re trying to go out Tennessee Williams style; go out there and drink ourselves to death,” Kasher jokes.

While Kasher has visited South Florida in the past, Leggero will be making her Miami debut this week.

“I performed in Orlando,” she says. “I remember I checked into my hotel and I called down and said, ‘Which way is the ocean?’ And they were like, ‘There’s no ocean here.’ I haven’t been to Florida much at all. I just assumed it was so narrow, every place would have ocean. That was not case.”

“Now we can tour with someone we like and, on some days, even love.”

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Kasher, on the other hand, has gotten the true South Florida experience. At a Fort Lauderdale show, he recalls, “A woman tried to heckle me and come onstage. That happens sometimes when people party too hard and go, ‘Out of the way! It’s my turn now!’ And this lady got up onstage and was trying to talk shit, but she literally had four feet of toilet paper stuck to her shoe. So, it was like a real triumphant moment where a comedian doesn’t have to do any work and the heckler does the work for him.”

Standup comedy, more often than not, is an isolating enterprise. A boozy, self-defeating heckler is a small if satisfying consolation to a life spent on the road. It’s one of the many reasons Kosher and Leggero entered into this lifelong partnership and why touring together, for the second time in two years, makes sense.

“When we were doing research for my show Another Period, we learned about this rich couple who went on a ten-year honeymoon and they came back with four kids,” Leggero says. “We’ve been trying to re-create that and just have our life be a honeymoon.”

Laughter can be the foundation of a good relationship, and these two clearly enjoy one another’s company. When Kosher fabricates a story about being one of the founders of the BangBus, Miami’s infamous porn-on-wheels enterprise, he has Leggero rolling.

“Everything about this tour is about convenience,” Kasher explains, “but not in a lazy way. One of the main problems with touring is that you’re lonely. If you’re not single, you’re doubly lonely, because then you’re just going into your hotel and watching Netflix. We solved that problem by marrying each other and now we can tour with someone we like and, on some days, even love.”

The pair wants this tour to be a destination event for other couples, too. They’ve selected the cities where people want to vacation — New Orleans, Chicago, and, of course, Miami. Although each comic will perform independently of the other using material not necessarily marriage related, at the end of each show they’ll appear onstage together, invite people to join them, and discuss whatever comes to mind. It promises to be the funniest, and most public, therapy session imaginable.

Leggero and Kasher admit they aren’t certified to dole out relationship advice. But they know how to get along and they have stories to share that may go a long way to understanding the dynamics between partners. Couples do approach them and Leggero for one isn’t shy about addressing those in need.

“I think one of the things that is really obvious is that people will come up and it’s clear they need to break up. Like, one is trying to go to college and the other has a DUI and is holding her back. If you don’t know how to break up with a guy, come to us and we’ll help you.”

Thankfully, there are success stories as well, including couples who have gone on to get married after seeking guidance from the comic duo. So how did Kasher and Leggero know they were right for each other?

“Well, Moshe is pretty good in bed,” Leggero says.

“Well, technically, I’m pretty good in bus,” Kasher retorts and has her laughing out loud all over again.

“I knew Tash was right for me,” he continues. “This is true, first of all, by the way she dressed. But also we were at a Halloween party that Adam Sandler throws every year at a big bowling alley. There’s all these superfamous people there, just hundreds and hundreds of the most famous people you could imagine. It’s the kind of place you’d want to show off how sophisticated you are. But there was a DJ playing trap, superignorant, like dirty, dirty, dirty hip-hop. Natasha was in shorts, on the ground, like twerking and asking that I dagger her. I was like, this is the girl for me.”

"Do you know what daggering is?” Leggero asks. “How would you describe it, Moshe?”

“Daggering is like Jamaican extreme twerking. The girl will be on all fours, twerking, and then the guy will get up on a rickety construction ladder and dive off, onto her butt, and start dancing with her.”

Beyond all the jokes and the Cirque du Soleil dance moves, Kasher and Leggero agree on one critical piece of advice for couples: Know your weaknesses.

“Both Natasha and I already know what our weak points are. I know what I do wrong; she knows what she does wrong. I have a very difficult time admitting that I’m wrong. I will move heaven and earth to avoid admitting it. She’s got her issues. I won’t spell out what they are, but if you know her work at all you know they have to do with home designing, velvet, and expensive textiles. So, if you know where your weak points are, it’s easier to move past the fight because you can go, oh, I identify that this is a thing.”

Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero: the Endless Honeymoon Tour. 7:30 p.m. Sunday, July 23, at the James L. Knight Center, 400 SE Second Ave., Miami; 305-416-5970; Tickets cost $31.50 to $41.50 via
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