Meet Your Neighhh-bors

Living in the concrete jungle (minus the actual animals) that is Miami, we easily forget thick-skinned creatures roam these here parts -- aside from the jerkoff who is unmoved by the extension of our middle finger after he cuts us off and then slows to a glacial pace on I-95. We may be a city, but we do have wildlife outside of the human inhabitants; we just have to find it. Sometimes it is possible to coax out the hidden soft-hided ones by using salt sticks. Or apples. Or carrots. Of course we’re talking horses here. For kicks (and cantors and trots) check out the Paso Fino Horse Show at the Tropical Park Equestrian Center. The show runs through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to noon. And it’s free, so penny-pinching neigh-sayers need not apply. Call 305-554-7334.
Sat., July 22
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