MasterMind 2016 Finalist: WatchMoreThings.com Will Blow Your Mind

This year's three MasterMind Award winners — chosen from a group of ten finalists — will be announced this Thursday, February 18, at Artopia, New Times' annual soirée celebrating Miami culture. For tickets and more information, visit newtimesartopia.com.

Andrew Vincent is a South Florida native and filmmaker who makes up one-third of the group that founded the totally psychedelic website watchmorethings.com. It's an endless loop filled with pictures, video clips, music videos, and just overall strange images that make you tilt your head and go, “Huh?”

The other two co-founders are Salvatore Canamella and Chris Tilson. The three are longtime friends, and each brings a unique skill set to the website. Canamella is the web guy, Tilson is the abstract thinker, and Vincent is the idea man. The guys are in their early 30s, and when they’re not spending time developing the website, they hold down day jobs in video editing and insurance.

Seated at a café and clutching his umbrella on a rainy Miami day, Vincent describes his project. He wears a faded jean jacket with buttons pinned to the collar; one reads “Wednesday’s Best.”

Watchmorethings.com is a multimedia network featuring a collection of curated content and original works.

He says, “Our vision is to really try and create some sort of media network that is disruptive to the typical news and the typical way of getting information… We want to be original with what we’re putting out and notating the flux of stuff that comes about from the internet these days and putting it all in one place.”

Log onto the website now, and you’ll see a young David Bowie with his fire-red hair wearing a sky-blue suit while moving around to unheard music. Underneath the flashing words “Watch More Things” is a video player that streams content. Right now, they have about ten days’ worth of content — which means you can be watching for ten days straight and not see the same thing twice, Vincent says.

It took three years to come to ten days of content, he explains. The website has been public for about three years now, but it wasn’t until last month that Vincent and his team started telling people about it. “I’ve seen so many people release an art project before it was ready, and it gets overlooked or people don’t understand it properly... So we’re looking to come at people with a more completed project, something that was ready and not half-baked.”

The only way he says he can speak about Watch More Things is in analogies “because we’re growing. With every new idea, we grow.”

Vincent and his team plan to add a place where people can have “an unfiltered voice” and create another stream that is more curated and follows a theme. “It’s more than a channel; it’s a hodgepodge, it’s a smorgasbord,” he says with a laugh.

The idea behind watchmorethings.com is finding the things that would get stuck in your head and bringing them together on one platform. “It’s really about what’s in front of you right now,” he says, “and if it’s interesting.”

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.