Marysol Patton Explains Why Real Housewives of Miami Lacked Chemistry

If you're anything like us, you may remember the excitement you felt when you heard that Real Housewives of Miami was no longer a rumor, but actually happening. And again, like us, you can remember the disappointment you felt when you actually got to watch the first episode. It wasn't great.

But there is one person that even weekly Real Housewives reviewer, Alex McCord of Real Housewives of New York, couldn't hate on: Marysol Patton. And no, we can't either.

Patton is maybe one of the nicest women in Miami. She continues

to work her ass off over at her public relations firm, the Patton Group. We recently spoke to her about her upcoming Real Housewives tour and whether Real Housewives of Miami us coming back.

New Times: Your stop on the Real Housewives tour is October 15th in Atlanta. What is this tour, exactly?
Marysol Patton: It's going to be fun. There are a lot of different aspects: meet and greet, take photos with fans, autographs, Q&As, and you can check out the housewives and their products.

It will be you, NeNe Leakes of Atlanta, Jill Zarin of New York, and Melissa Gorga of New Jersey. What a motley crew.
I can't lie. I was a little scared when I first saw the line-up. But I had a really nice conversation with Jill and she was awesome. She confirmed that were going to have a great time.

She mentioned in our interview with her that she was worried you were afraid of her.
I had just mentioned when talking about the tour that I was nervous about Jill and NeNe, because they are very strong on their shows. And it ended up in print, of course. When the article came out, Jill read it and tweeted me and I confirmed that yes, I am intimidated by the two of you. We talked one-on-one for like two hours like we had known each other for years. If I wouldn't had to go to work, we might have talked all day.

We've heard rumors that Real Housewives of Miami season two is in fact happening.
Well, my lips are sealed. You are going to have to ask Bravo. I guess crazier things have happened.

If there were a second season, would you come back?
It would depend on the women that were confirmed to come back.

We could care less about the rest of them. We just want you and your mother Elsa confirmed.
Aw, well, it would just depend on who it is going to be. I want to make sure we all have like minds so we can have some sort of intellectual conversations. I just don't want to deal with nonsense.

What are your thoughts on season one's cast?
I think we were all kind of thrown together. Some of us knew each other, some of us didn't. We were missing chemistry or an ingredient. People that have known each other a long time have relationships, which a lot of the other shows are based on. We didn't have that.

What did you think of the season as a whole?
I am glad I did it. I had a lot of fun with my mom and we had a lot of fun on our road trip to go see Andy Cohen. If there is anything I wish I didn't have to do, it's that reunion. But other than that, it was a great experience. People have received us so warmly. I go out and people tell me they love me and my mom. I am just a normal working girl who goes to the office everyday. So far, it's been great.

We saw you get married to your French beau on the first season. Any tips for how to snag a real house husband?
I met my man working. It's the perfect way to meet a man, especially if you work with him because you can see his work ethic. That's a huge turn on to me. He worked hard and was a go-getter, and I got to see that first hand. When he turned on the charm, it was over and I totally fell for him.

As for dating tips, I tell the girls in my office don't be so available. You are valuable, and being so available takes away from that. Everyone likes a little mystery and likes what they can't have. It's hard to do that when you first meet a guy.

We would love some dating tips from your mother.
She always tells me, "Don't ever give men gifts. You need to get more than you give." She's really funny, I swear. She will tell me, "Marysol, Don't buy them clothes, watches, things. They shouldn't look as a good as you! Don't make them look good to attract other women!" She has been married to my father for 50 years, so she is doing something right.

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