"Marilyn Monroe: Tribute to a Female Icon" at Galleria Ca' d'Oro Through October 10

At Galleria Ca' d'Oro, the legend of Marilyn Monroe lives on 50 years after her death. The Coral Gables gallery is presenting works by more than 20 international artists remembering the '50s screen bombshell, who has become a 21st-century pop-cultural phenomenon. "Marilyn Monroe is unique — she appeals to women just as much as men — and this is why she is an icon," says Gloria Porcella, owner of the Italy-based gallery. The exhibit features a mixed bag of works, ranging from Valentina de Martini's anorexic rendition of the sex symbol to Fabio Ferrone Viola's version made with flattened cans of Coke Zero. Although the exhibit boasts some classic images by the likes of Warhol, other pieces, such as a vapid painting by Camilla Ancilotto, would inspire the notoriously self-conscious Norma Jeane Baker to turn cartwheels under her tombstone. In all, 28 works — spanning from paintings, photographs, videos, and installations to sculptures — honor the legend, including a color-immersed nude by Pablo Echaurren and a pop interpretation by Ludmilla Radchenko. "The viewer will see and feel the timeless beauty come to life through the artists' expressions... most of whom created their tributes to Marilyn especially for this exhibition," Porcella says.

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Carlos Suarez De Jesus