Life in the Fast Lane

You’re heading south on I-95 when the bright lights of the Magic City appear. Inspired and feeling good behind the wheel of your new cherry red V6 Nissan Altima, you get frisky and your foot gets a little heavy. Just as you’re cruising along thinking, I’m the shit, a group of crazies on rice rockets (possibly ninjas, you surmise) screams past in a blur of light and wailing engines. In Miami, you realize, fast isn’t fast enough. So you swiftly purchase your very own two-wheel hell machine. But you know your limits, and weaving through traffic in a Banana Republic just doesn’t fit your skill set. Fear not: South Florida Sportbike Track Days are here.

This weekend, haul your bike down to Homestead-Miami Speedway and experience the thrill of the open track. Three groups — novice, intermediate, and advanced — will have the opportunity to “open it up” on the classic speedway. Classroom and track instruction are also available to aid new riders on their way to glory. For those already accustomed to life in the fast lane, it’s another chance at adrenaline overload. Admission (which includes lunch) is $205 per rider and free for spectators. No racing license required. Visit www.floridatrackdays.com, or call 305-230-5000.
Sat., Aug. 2, 2008

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