Kayaking for Dummies

In an American Express commercial, Aziz Ansari is shown in full kayaking gear at a sporting-goods store. Paddle in hand, he shuffles his feet from side to side, mimicking he’s trekking through rough waters on a kayak. A sales associate asks, “You do a lot of kayaking?” — the joke being that the answer is obviously no. This scene may be from a credit-card commercial encouraging viewers to try new things, but who hasn’t been guilty of Ansari’s overly enthusiastic ways when it comes to trying new sports? Now that spring is upon us, you might find yourself wanting to spend more time trying new aquatic activities, like kayaking. Before you make your way to Sports Authority and pull an Aziz, test the waters with a crash course in kayaking at Crandon Park. Kayaking 101 teaches novices the basics of the sport, such as safety precautions and paddling. Guides also talk about marine life, the ecological makeup of the area, and the history of Key Biscayne. The course ends with a mini-trip throughout the shallow waters of the park.
Sun., April 14, 9:30 a.m., 2013
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Laurie Charles
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