It's Official: Coconut Grove Man's Arm Hair is Longest in the World

Riptide has fondled the blonde and silky tufts of greatness. And today, Coconut Grove resident Justin Shaw's arm hair is recognized as the longest in the world. Move over, Mark McGwire; it seems that there are still heroes amongst us after all.

In September, we took a tape measure to the Crazy Pianos drummer's left-forearm tuft and were staggered by its length: 5.75 inches. That number eclipsed the then Guinness-verified record for arm hair length -- 5.3 inches on the left arm of a Wisconsin high schooler -- by almost half an inch.

To be recognized by Guinness, you need to have your record verified by local media (us) and "upstanding members of the community" -- Justin had two firefighters from his local firehouse measure his arm hair on camera. And a few days ago, he received an official certificate (pictured after the jump) in the mail. Apparently, Guinness recognized his record from that fateful moment that the firefighters grabbed hold of his tuft, meaning that he's already been the keeper of the world's longest arm hair for more than four months. "It's a pretty sweet victory," he tells Riptide. "It's been a long road getting here. All that's left for me to do now is destroy my own record."

As for that Wisconsin kid with the has-been follicles, Robert Starrett denied our Facebook request the first time around and now has ignored Justin's. The new record-holder understands why Starrett might be bitter. "His record wasn't broken," says Justin. "It was smashed."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.