Heavenly Bodies

On Earth, people put off, postpone, and procrastinate when it comes to exercising, but on Mars, little green men have trouble coming up with reasons not to get their sweat on for at least an hour a day. Their slimy, globular eyes bug out a little more when someone suggests they skip a workout, and their bulbous fingertips light up in a blaze of red at the mention of “I’ll just go tomorrow.” And you thought they were uncivilized. It’s time we become more like our galactic neighbors, and a good start is with a little Pilates.

You’ve probably heard about this form of exercise that emphasizes a strong core along with control of the mind and body. You also might have heard it’s what Jazzercise and yoga were to the Nineties — ubiquitous and hella expensive. But for the entire month of August, NOMI Pilates is offering new members a $120 discount on the Signature Intense Cardio Pilates Circuit class packages. You get 55 minutes of a fast-paced session using the mat, tower, reformer, chairs, and magic circles. Don’t worry, the emphasis is on form — not intensity or reps — so even you can jump right into this. Call 305-895-0950 or visit www.nomipilates.com to make sure the Martians don’t show you up.
Starts: Aug. 10. Daily, 2008
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Raina McLeod
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