Five Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Millennial Miami Latinas

The arrival of October means fall is in full swing. The leaves are turning colors, the weather is nippy, and Ugg boots have made a comeback — at least that’s what’s happening everywhere except Miami. One thing October does grant all Americans, however, is Halloween. Because the 31st in the 305 will likely be hotter than the hinges of Hades, the fewer layers the better. But that doesn’t mean you must opt for the sexy version of an everyday profession (looking at you, sexy nurses) or objectify a beloved pop-culture icon (ahem, sexy Hermiones).

It’s 2018, so portray some badass female characters made famous by your favorite Miami Latinas.

Aimee Carrero voices Disney's first Latina Princess
Aimee Carrero voices Disney's first Latina Princess
Disney/Collin Stark

Elena of Avalor (Aimee Carrero). Sure, your kid cousin is obsessed with Elena, and you tell yourself you’re too cool to watch the show because you’re an adult. But face it: Elena is the kind of Disney princess we deserved as children and never got. Make your inner 7-year-old self proud and dress as the future queen of Avalor, who is voiced by Miami native Aimee Carrero.

Costume essentials: A red dress with a golden belt and matching scepter.

Your Cuban abuelaEXPAND
Your Cuban abuela
Heubier headshots

Abuela Yeni (Jenny Lorenzo). You laugh every time you see a video featuring Abuela Yeni because she reminds you of your own abuela. Turn this holiday into a mini-homage to your own abuelita à la Jenny Lorenzo. Grab an old nightgown, comfy slippers, and a gray wig. The content creator and YouTube sensation has multiple characters to choose from, so if you’re feeling inspired, reach for that old baby pacifier and transform into Laritza instead.

Costume essentials: Silver hair and spectacles.

The Chonga Girls
The Chonga Girls
Courtesy photo

The Chonga Girls (Laura di Lorenzo and Maria Davila). This list wouldn't be complete without a mention of the Chonga Girls, made famous by Miami’s Laura di Lorenzo and Maria Davila. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway): You’re gonna need a friend for this one. The more costume jewelry you can pile on, the better.

Costume essentials: Outlined lips and classically large hoop earrings.

Betcha didn't know Camila Mendes was a Miami girl.
Betcha didn't know Camila Mendes was a Miami girl.
Dean Buscher/The CW

Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes). If you’re not watching the CW’s Riverdale, you’re not living. Whether in the new series or the original comics, Veronica Lodge is a force. Played by Miami native Camila Mendes, the CW’s version of Ronnie is exactly the strong-willed, independent Latina we need to see more of on television. To get V’s look, pair black lace or plaid with a pearl necklace.

Costume essentials: A pearl necklace and raven-hued hair.

Check out Cheechee's hair!
Check out Cheechee's hair!

Cheechee (Chrissie Fit). Halloween is all about gaudy extravagance, and few things are more extravagant than a beehive hairdo. In a West Side Story-inspired Disney Channel movie, Chrissie Fit plays bad girl Cheechee from the series Teen Beach Movie. Cheechee is seldom seen not wearing a leather jacket, but because this is Miami, perhaps a leather vest is more suitable.

Costume essentials: Black leather and a large red flower hairpiece.

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