Flyboards and Hoverboards Hit Miami, Make Everyone's Superhero Dreams Come True

While Hoverboards still don't exist as a thing you can fly in thin air (despite pranks that may or may not have crushed our childhood dreams), waterborne technology is getting ridiculously sophisticated. And some of the newest H2O toys, now available for rental in Miami, are right up there with Marty McFly's favorite mode of transportation.

Meet Flyboards, water jet packs that strap to your feet, and Hoverboards, the waterbound version of that Back to the Future icon.

These things are real, and you can take a test drive 'em right here in the 305.

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You may have already seen the water-propelled jet packs, but this is another level of airborne action.

"I'd describe Flyboarding as an amazing invention that makes you feel like you're Iron Man on the water," says Miami Flyboard owner Alexander Maravegias. "The sensation is incredible and unlike any other. You're literally flying."

And come on, what human doesn't want to fly? This is like the wildest dream of every person ever.

Maravegias launched the company back in 2012, but didn't open for rentals until this past March.

"The hoverboard is the latest invention by Franky Zapata (who is also the inventor of Flyboard) and that's like a wakeboard/snowboard/Back to the Future feeling," Maravegias told us via email.

"I like to describe them both with a simple analogy. Flyboard: Iron Man :: Hoverboard: Silver Surfer."

Marvel Comics IRL: pick your hero.

How absolutely badass is that? If you're not yet convinced this is how you need to spend your next paycheck, check out this insane video. You might wet yourself.

There are a few local companies that offer Flyboarding, but Miami Flyboard's rates run $149 for a half hour, $199 for 45 minutes, and $249 for an hour for Flyboarding; $189 for a half an hour, $239 for 45 minutes and $289 for an hour for Hoverboarding. You can check out more at miamiflyboard.com.

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