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Five Up-and-Coming Horror Directors About to Hit It Big

From blood-soaked slasher flicks to spine tingling paranormal feats, scary movies rip at our souls. It's the thrill, the unanswered questions, the taboo, the unknown angst that makes us shudder, yet yearn for more. And that's what makes the genre special- what breathes new life into it. Horror hits a lot closer to home than most would care to admit- and that's what makes it appealing. And frightening.

Dozens of names have become synonymous with the genre: Wes Craven. John Carpenter. George Romero. Eli Roth. We've seen it all- from teenagers going on killing sprees, to tourists being forced into human torture chambers. And there's a lot of exploration left, but where else can it go? And who is going to take it there? We've taken the time to compile a list of the top five up and comers in the horror game. Some of them have already established their credentials, while others are just stepping into the limelight.

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Andrea Albin
Contact: Andrea Albin