Five Up-and-Coming Horror Directors About to Hit It Big

From blood-soaked slasher flicks to spine tingling paranormal feats, scary movies rip at our souls. It's the thrill, the unanswered questions, the taboo, the unknown angst that makes us shudder, yet yearn for more. And that's what makes the genre special- what breathes new life into it. Horror hits a lot closer to home than most would care to admit- and that's what makes it appealing. And frightening.

Dozens of names have become synonymous with the genre: Wes Craven. John Carpenter. George Romero. Eli Roth. We've seen it all- from teenagers going on killing sprees, to tourists being forced into human torture chambers. And there's a lot of exploration left, but where else can it go? And who is going to take it there? We've taken the time to compile a list of the top five up and comers in the horror game. Some of them have already established their credentials, while others are just stepping into the limelight.

5.Daniel Stamm

Last summer, horror fans were excited when newcomer Daniel Stamm teamed

up with producer Eli Roth to bring us The Last Exorcism, an intense

first-person ride into a world filled with demons and deception. The

film had a lot of commercial success and put Stamm on the map- and a

fast track to horror domination. Aside from Exorcism-related honors, he

was recently tapped to bring the remake of foreign gore fest Martyrs to

the American public. Here's to hoping he's more than just a one hit


4. Oren Peli

A couple of years ago, audiences flocked to witness Paranormal Activity.

The hype started online and made its way to a national level,

introducing viewers to a new interpretation of intense, ghostly fear-

all done on a miniscule budget with unknown actors. It was reminiscent

of The Blair Witch Project, minus the motion sickness. Since the first

film, Peli served as producer on the sequel and will also be involved

with the third installment due in theaters this October. His latest

projects include a production credit on recent hit Insidious and his

return to directing in the film Area 51, an alien adaption. If this guy

can pull off a hit with a couple thousand bucks, imagine what else he's

capable of.

3. Darren Lynn Bousman

Saw is, by far, one of the most recognized and cutthroat franchises in

the horror genre. When the highly anticipated Saw II hit theaters, an

unknown mastermind was at the helm- Darren Lynn

Bousman. With his intense look at the psychology of Jigsaw, his

interpretation of the legacy lasted for three films and catapulted him

to a level of respect that some filmmakers can only dream of. He left

the franchise after Saw IV to pursue other endeavors, namely Repo! The

Genetic Opera and a recent remake of Mother's Day.

Bousman has also taken a

stab at the comic game and is returning to theaters in November with

11-11-11, a highly anticipated original that's currently in post

production. His staying power is limitless- and, since Bousman is the

only horror director to make your's truly vomit (a special shout out to

the pigs in Saw III), he certainly deserves critical placement on this


2. The Soska Sisters
Beautiful identical twins that thrive off of intensity and violence?

Sign us up! These girls were busy brainstorming nightmares while others

were planning fairytales -- and that we can appreciate. These sisters are

right at the top of the watch list for the simple fact that their film,

Dead Hooker in a Trunk, is one of the best low budget, independent

horrors circulating around to date. It's a bloody romp that's sure to

impress even horror purists and captivate skeptical watch hounds.

American Mary, their latest project, has eyes set on Cannes, and who

knows where their groundbreaking films will lead them- hopefully into a

cemented spot in terror history.

1. James Wan

Another name that crossed paths with the infamous Jigsaw killer, Wan is

one half of the duo responsible for the birth of the Saw franchise. He

stayed on as producer and moved into a few other projects, including

Dead Silence and Death Sentence, but didn't really hit home with horror

fans until recently when Insidious became an unlikely success. It's the

little horror engine that could and has recently been dubbed the most

successful film of 2011 (so far). It was one hell of a comeback for a

director that many had written off, despite his breathtaking talent and a

knack for instilling fear.

There's a raw emotion behind every horror flick that

comes to life. And there's no denying that this talented crew could

bring new definition to an always changing

genre- one that entertains, screams for attention, and shatters lives-

all, starting with the vision of the filmmaker.

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