WWE Raw Last Night: "The Weed Is Good in Miami"">

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Returned to WWE Raw Last Night: "The Weed Is Good in Miami"

Following the momentous pay-per-view "Royal Rumble," in which Triple H defeated young championship hopeful Roman Reigns, the WWE took its follow-up Raw to Miami.

The show opened with Vince and Stephanie McMahon coming out with Triple H, the newly minted champion. The wrestler, who has won the belt 14 times, insisted Roman Reigns didn’t deserve the belt because he and the fans had been disrespectful to his legacy. The story line came off as somewhat odd, and Triple H received applause from the crowd, while Roman Reigns elicited a more tepid response.

Between matches, the show teased the return of a big name with clips of a limo pulling into the arena.

As the audience waited to find out who was inside the limo, another famous face popped up. Singer of the Wrestlemania official theme song, Flo Rida was in the building and later took part in a rap battle. In true WWE fashion, one wrestler tried to enrage the singer by saying, “I would be embarrassed if I was named after this awful state.” Flo Rida shrugged and looked a little peeved. The awkwardness of the situation didn’t get a lot of pop from the crowd even though Miami was being insulted.

Soon after Flo Rida’s bit, fans discovered that the surprise guest was Miami’s golden child: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

During his video entrance, the former wrestler-turned-actor interacted with the Miz, Rick Ross, and the Giant on his way into the arena. He also didn’t waste the moment to plug season two of his HBO series, Ballers.

When he finally entered the arena and walked onto the stage, the crowd was so loud it took a good five minutes of grinning and throwing out U’s for the Rock to finally quiet the fans and begin launching into a somewhat cheesy speech.

He was going to beat whomever he fought at Wrestlemania, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The crowd launched into a “Randy Savage” chant, prompting the Rock to look around until finally locking eyes with a Macho Man look-alike in the audience. The crowd went absolutely ape-shit at this transcendent moment when the Rock — shocked that there was an actual fully decked-out Randy Savage impersonator — announced he was "going off-script" and walked over to have a chat with the crew of fans dressed like their favorite pro wrestlers.

“The weed is good in Miami tonight,” he joked about a Hulk Hogan impersonator's glazed look. After his playful greeting, he returned to the stage, and the tag team the New Day entered to engage in back-and-forth.

The team sported pink shirts and unicorn horns and constantly made whacky jokes. The Rock kept mocking them, telling them they were wearing “llama penises” and calling them “uni-bitches” and that one of the members looked like the offspring of the Incredible Hulk and Steve Urkel.

A chant of “llama penis” erupted from the audience.

This all ended with the Rock and his real-life wrestling cousins, the Usos, beating and embarrassing the New Day.

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