Down, Boy

Aww, shucks! Looks like Rover got bored while you ran out to get your nails done. There goes that $20,000 buttercream leather sofa with the built-in Swarovski crystal-embellished remote control. Pity. Actually it’s still a nice piece of furniture -- the teeth marks give it that extra, y’know, edge. Now it’s time to walk Fifi, your miniature poodle. You know what that means – fangs bared, fur flying, and blood shed if she breaks away from her leash again and lays her paws on that Chihuahua next door. If these scenarios sound familiar, get ye to the Knight Concert Hall at the Carnival Center today at 2:00. The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, will be on hand to offer you insight into his canine Zen mastery.

If you’ve got three hours and at least $25 for a ticket, Millan will share his secrets for a better relationship with your furry companion. If you have $200, you can even meet the man himself after the show. FYI: No dogs are allowed at the seminar. For more of Millan’s wisdom, check out
Sun., Nov. 11, 2007
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